Can clothes cause cancer?

Can clothes cause cancer?

In the constant pursuit of fashion, we often don't pay attention to how comfortable our clothes are to wear and whether they protect us from cold and disease. The fact that tight clothing can cause not just discomfort, but even serious illness, scientists have already proven. Thus, a bra that does not fit our size may well lead to the development of breast cancer.

Tight clothing, in which we try to emphasize our figure and visually increase volumes, prevents the normal outflow of lymph. This means that all kinds of toxins begin to accumulate in the body. Red stripes appearing under the bra, collar, belt — a signal that this type of clothing harms us.

Although citizens without a medical education claim that pancreatic cancer and breast cancer occur due to poor ecology, you need to choose clothes wisely. There is no need to chase bras that tighten the chest, giving it extra volume and elasticity. Behind low-waisted jeans — too. All these fashionable things will lead to the fact that later you will suffer from various diseases, not understanding where they came from.

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