Aroma of spicy spices

Spice Aroma

Spicy aromas and delicate taste are only a small part of the advantages of various spices. Many of them have been used for thousands of years as effective medicines for many diseases.

Borrowing spices from the Eastern peoples, Europeans also began to widely use them in cooking. A small amount of any spice added to the dish will give it a unique and refined taste.

Many spices have medicinal properties. For example, pepper is an excellent antiseptic. The ancient Indians used it to improve memory. Black pepper activates the digestive process, helping to eliminate toxins. Red pepper is rich in vitamins A, C and the B group of vitamins. It is often used in Mexican cuisine.

Pickled ginger is often used in traditional Japanese cuisine. In addition to its pronounced taste, ginger is used as an analgesic and antipyretic. Drinking ginger drink helps to cope with nausea and weakness in pregnant women. Ginger root has diuretic properties, and also normalizes digestion. Ginger tea is the best way to lose extra pounds. By adding it to salads, drinks, pastries, you can emphasize the taste of the dish, make it rich and fragrant.

Spice Aroma

Clove is an excellent antiseptic. Its specific “hot” aroma is familiar to many connoisseurs. Prepared drinks with the addition of ground cloves improve brain activity and improve mood.

Truly royal spice is saffron. The cost of this spice is currently very high. Delicate and refined aroma will make any dish appetizing and unique. And the medicinal properties that the plant exhibits will help in the fight against diseases of the spleen, liver, pneumonia and diphtheria. Saffron also contributes to the loss of a small amount of extra pounds. It perfectly calms the nervous system, leading to relaxation of the body.

Turmeric is a favorite spice often used in the preparation of various dishes. Thanks to the antibacterial substances that make up its composition, turmeric began to be added to cosmetics used to relieve skin inflammation. The complex action of the spice with other drugs helps cleanse the blood, fight stomach ulcers.

Aroma of spicy spices

The gentle enchanting aroma of cinnamon is unforgettable. It is added to all kinds of sweets, drinks, vegetable and meat dishes. The spice improves mood and adds efficiency. It also acts as an effective anti-inflammatory agent for disorders of the urogenital area. And the introduction of a small amount of cinnamon into your diet will help reduce blood pressure and normalize heart activity.

This is only a small part of the spices that we often use. There are a huge number of different spices and each of them is fragrant, unforgettable and attractive in its own way. And their beneficial healing properties make them an invaluable natural gift.

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