Are braces a modern miracle of orthodontics or a dangerous and expensive pleasure?

Braces &mdash ; modern miracle of orthodontics or dangerous and expensive pleasure?

Braces arebrackets that are glued to the teeth with a special solution and pulled with wire. In this way, you can tighten and align your teeth. Depending on the material, they are divided into ceramic, metal and sapphire; from the technique of bite correction – to self-ligating and conventional; from the method of installation – lingual (installed on the inner surface of the teeth) and vestibular (on the outer surface).

Before contacting an orthodontist to install such a system, many people wonder if they are dangerous to health and how much does it cost to put braces? You can find the price answer right here.

The price for such a service depends on many factors: the type, class of the clinic, the professionalism of the doctor, etc. The main thing is that the cost of braces is affordable for you. Indeed, sometimes inflated prices are not entirely justified, and the quality of service in such clinics leaves much to be desired.

Do not fall for the tricks of clinics that try to attract customers at a low price, and the final cost of the service after treatment is higher than in prestigious offices. Therefore, when you are looking for an orthodontist, do not believe the advertisements, but rather ask your friends who have braces for advice. Sometimes in big cities, in order to get to a normal master, you need to make an appointment a month in advance.

As for the danger to health, the installed braces are absolutely harmless to the teeth and the body as a whole. The only drawback of this procedure is the possible convergence of the teeth to their previous state after the treatment. But this happens extremely rarely and in such cases the teeth are held by special orthodontic systems. If the doctor carries out prophylaxis and uses modern materials during treatment, then such consequences can be avoided.

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