Alignment of teeth (Alignment with braces)

Teeth alignment (Alignment with braces)

Naturally, not many people are lucky to have beautiful, even teeth. But, thanks to modern dentistry, this problem is completely solvable. It is known that many Hollywood stars resorted to the services of specialists to align the dentition or correct the bite. Orthodontic treatment is very popular these days. After all, healthy, beautiful teeth are considered an essential attribute of a successful person. A snow-white smile attracts attention and encourages communication.

So, what technologies are used to align teeth? In the arsenal of modern dentists there are many options, among which the most effective are braces. They are used at any age, although it is believed that the earlier a person resorts to orthodontic treatment, the shorter the period of wearing these devices. Many avoid this, embarrassed to wear “pieces of iron” in the mouth. But having ugly teeth is much more shameful than doing aesthetic correction. Taking care of your appearance and health – it is fashionable and prestigious, in addition, modern braces are significantly different from those that were used a few decades ago. They have become much sleeker, more inconspicuous, and some even look like a stylish accessory. But first things first.

For the correction of the dentition, removable and non-removable devices are used. The former include special plates and mouthguards. But they have a very narrow focus, therefore they are used mainly in pediatric dentistry. Unlike fixed systems, plates cannot move the teeth, but only hold them in position. Teeth straightening with braces can be used at any age. They are able to cope with a range of orthodontic disorders – gaps between teeth, misalignment of dentition, abnormal position, malocclusion.

Modern braces no longer look like disfiguring pieces of iron. They have become as inconspicuous and refined as possible. For their manufacture using the most modern materials. Thus, in addition to metal, there are plastic, ceramic and sapphire. All of them have good aesthetic characteristics, are selected individually according to the color of the enamel of each patient. Wearing a corrective system can be completely invisible if invisible braces are used. These lingual systems are placed on the inner surface of the teeth. That is why they are completely invisible to others.

Treatment with braces lasts from 6 months to two years. It depends on the degree of complexity of the curvature. Only 40% of people by nature have even beautiful teeth and a correct bite. If you are not one of them, this is not a reason to despair. It's never too late to create a beautiful smile. This is not only an aesthetic necessity. Crooked teeth often cause a number of diseases associated with difficult cleaning of some of them, as well as a violation of chewing function.

The cause of uneven teeth there may be a hereditary factor, bad habits in children, such as thumb sucking. Some have uneven teeth due to rickets, trauma or periodontal disease. It also happens that the size of the jaws does not correspond to the size and number of teeth. Then between them either large gaps are formed, or they go one on top of the other. All these defects can be eliminated by contacting an orthodontist, who will help you choose a bracket system, tell you how to care for it and control the entire process of dentition correction from the initial stage to its completion.

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