About why to go to the dentist every six months or a year or about the sad development of caries

About why you should go to the dentist every six months or a year or about the sad development of caries

About the recommendation to visit almost everyone heard a dentist once or twice a year. What's more, private dental clinics sometimes call or send postcards to regular customers reminding them to attend a routine checkup.

Unfortunately, not all of these recommendations are implemented. Let's try to figure out whether it is really necessary to visit the dentist annually.

In fact, the earlier a person turned to a dentist, the cheaper and more effective the treatment will be. Modern dental clinics in Kyiv and Moscow offer all types of work: from the treatment of superficial caries to the implantation of implants, that is, in fact, the restoration of a missing tooth. But the difference in cost between these two types of work comes up to twenty times. Yes, implantation and treatment of a living tooth do not take the same time.

Let's start with the simplest case

Darkening on the tooth, slight caries. If you come with him to the dentist immediately, then in one visit with the use of an anesthetic, the tooth will be cured. A small amount, an hour of time, the integrity is not broken, the nerve is preserved, the tooth will successfully stand for another twenty or thirty, or even more, years.

If you wait a couple of months, then caries can become deep. The tooth does not hurt yet, but on the x-ray picture after the treatment of the carious cavity, it can be seen that the nerve is very close. In this case, a competent dentist will recommend removing the nerves from the tooth. If the removal of nerves is performed by a highly qualified specialist, and the canals are sealed up to the top of the tooth, then this is, on average, two or three visits (depending on the number of nerves). The cost of treatment increases three times.

About why you should go to the dentist every six months or a year or about the sad development of caries

Such a tooth becomes brittle, which means that it is more likely to be destroyed and a crown will be needed soon. If the tooth has collapsed so much that it began to hurt, the doctor diagnoses «pulpitis», removes the nerves, and this is again two or three visits. Next — more. On pulpless teeth, a carious process can also develop, but it destroys them much faster. Caries on chewing surfaces is visible, contact caries (which is between the teeth) will be seen only by a dentist.

If a large part of the pulpless tooth is destroyed, then there is a high probability of installing a metal-ceramic crown. The cost of such a denture is not small, the service life — ten years. If the crown is not installed in time, or rather the pin and the tab in the sealed canals of the tooth, then the crown cannot be placed. For those who are related to dental orthopedics, at this moment a calculator with multi-digit amounts on the screen turns on.

How to save on dental treatment

To save your time and money, it is easier to go to the dentist every six months and if necessary treat caries or remove tartar. But you can not walk, you can wait until all or part of your teeth are destroyed, so that later you can do long and expensive prosthetics. Everyone makes their own choice.

Article author: Tatyana Naumova for women-journal.com

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