About the benefits of apitherapy – what is the usefulness of these procedures

About the benefits of apitherapy &mdash ; what is the usefulness of these procedures

Various diseases are treated with the help of apitherapy. It's no secret that all bee products have certain medicinal properties. The use of bee venom, propolis, bee honey, royal jelly, pollen and beeswax is quite common. These beekeeping products can be used in their natural form or in mixtures. Many medicines involve the use of certain bee products.

Beekeeping has been around since ancient times. Since ancient times, people have noticed that with the regular use of honey, life was significantly extended. Over time, it began to be used to treat stomach, lung, kidney, eye and skin diseases. Honey, which is used for treatment by the apitherapy clinic in St. Petersburg, has always been in sufficient demand, and has acted as a profitable product not only in the domestic market. Oriental medicine also involves the use of such a healing product. As certain advantages, the taste of the product and useful properties should be noted. Honey can be safely called a medicine that everyone will take with pleasure.

This product is distinguished by its bactericidal (antiseptic) action. In addition, the occurrence of anti-inflammatory, absorbable, tonic and anti-allergic effect is noted. With the systematic use of honey, the work of the gastrointestinal tract is normalized, the function of internal organs is stimulated. The composition of this product is represented by many trace elements necessary for the human body. It should be borne in mind that the loss of antibacterial and beneficial properties of honey will definitely occur in case of heating or prolonged exposure to the sun. Therefore, honey should not be heated above 40 degrees C. If stored incorrectly, the aroma of honey will disappear.

Honey, which is recommended by every apitherapist, is a hygroscopic substance that absorbs foreign odors, so it is not recommended to store it together with strong-smelling foods. This product has been successfully used in the treatment of heart disease. Honey taken on an empty stomach helps lower blood pressure. And in the case of prolonged use leads to its normalization. The use of bee honey as a remedy is recommended for colds. Linden honey has especially useful properties, which can cause a slight diaphoretic effect.

For effective treatment of colds, it is recommended to add honey to hot tea or milk. This drink is best drunk at night. It is enough to add one spoonful to a glass of hot tea or milk. It is also useful to combine honey with lemon juice, raspberries or other medicinal plants that have a diaphoretic or expectorant effect. In this case, there is an increase in the therapeutic effect. The amount of honey consumed for an adult should be no more than 200 g. Honey for medicinal purposes should be taken in dissolved form. It is in this case that there is a significant facilitation of its penetration into the body.

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