4 Unobvious Reasons Why You Can't Lose Weight

4 non-obvious reasons why you can't lose weight

Sometimes losing weight can be harder than winning a million, but who's to blame? Often – we ourselves, and not our intractable body. Nutritionists have shared secrets, which is why we still fail to lose weight as quickly as we want. I bet you had no idea how simple it is.

You don't eat breakfast

Do not think that by excluding breakfast from the schedule, you will get fewer calories and thereby get closer to the cherished figure on the scales. In reality, you only add to your problems, because the body is literally in a panic if you do not get enough calories. He begins to make reserves, which you notice in the form of extra folds on the sides and stomach. When it's time for lunch, you want to eat more, thereby doubling the number of calories received per day. Needless to say, losing weight in such conditions is simply unrealistic.

You do not know how to control yourself

Yes, everyone has unhealthy gastronomic weaknesses, such as pizza, burgers, or super-calorie desserts. Nutritionists do not forbid indulging yourself from time to time, however, if you are on a strict diet and occasionally break into a whole pizza, or – even worse – think that physical activity allows you to eat whatever you want, the weight will not go anywhere. you will only gain more. Try to restrain impulses to buy your favorite “harmfulness” as much as possible.

4 non-obvious reasons why you don't have it turns out to lose weight

Stress is your constant companion

No matter how correct your diet is and no matter how there was your load in the gym, if you are in constant stress, you don’t have to talk about losing weight, especially faster. The thing is that our body produces cortisol, and it increases the number of fat cells. Unpleasant, right? That is why fitness gurus recommend, in addition to training, to start taking care of your psychological state.

You love diets

It would seem that without a diet It's hard to get the perfect figure, so what's the problem? Psychologists claim that after a couple of months of active experiments with diets, we begin to get used to the restrictions and may miss the moment when the body needs to receive additional important elements that are in short supply due to a rigid diet. In addition, the weight can simply “stand up”, this also happens quite often. Be careful even with proven diets.

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