3 breast shapes that men love

3 breast shapes men love

In secret – a rare man will be indignant because of a woman's breasts, but the stronger sex even here has its own preferences. And it's not about the size, as you might think. We decided to interview men we know and find out which shape of the female breast causes the greatest delight.


A fairly common form, and interestingly, many women hate it. At the same time, men completely disagree with the fair sex in this matter. Men said that most often the owners of a similar breast shape are active – both in life and in bed. At least such women came across men from our survey. In addition, cone-shaped breasts are rarely very large, and many men, oddly enough, do not like too large breasts at all. The only point that girls with a similar breast shape should take into account is that it is very important to choose the right bra so that a man literally goes crazy.

3 breast shapes men love

Chest -drop

Marilyn Monroe, the sex symbol of all times and peoples, had a similar breast shape. Of course, men literally turn their heads in the wake of a girl who knows how to emphasize such breasts. The owners of this form can boast of quite lush breasts, and this is the rare case when size matters. How to understand that you have a chest-drop? Everything is very simple: the base of such a breast is always less than the middle, it really looks like a drop. In the lower part, such breasts are always filled the most, but the most obvious sign is the bend that occurs in the upper part of the chest when you tighten it into a tight dress or put on a bra that is too tight.

Round chest

Probably the most beautiful shape that looks good with any selection of clothes. And men agree with us, unanimously arguing that they would be happy if their woman had just such a form. The size, by the way, in this case is unimportant to them. The round shape is most often sought after by women who decide to correct the shape of their breasts on the operating table. The nature of women with round breasts is often quite daring, such girls know exactly what they want and go ahead to their goal. Maybe this is what attracts strong men to them?

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