Yes and no to nail care.

Yes and not in the question of nail care.

Girls carefully monitor their hands and nails. Salon procedures can help you make your nails beautiful, but nail care should not be limited to professional care. Within a week, if you perform certain nail care procedures, you can improve your nails and tidy up your skin.

1.You need to constantly moisturize the cuticle – this will prevent peeling and various damage;

2.To protect the skin of the hands and nails from mechanical damage, use gloves or a protective cream;

3.Paint your nails with clear polish or base polish. It will smooth the surface of the nail, give it a healthy shine and natural color. Such varnishes prevent brittleness and layering of nails, and also prolong the life of your manicure;

4.Regularly lubricate your hands with cream, especially after washing your hands. Lubricate the skin of the cuticles well;

5. Do not open the letters with your nails, use a special clerical knife. If you print a lot, print not with your nails, but with your fingertips;

6. Try not to use products containing toluene and formaldehyde in your nail care. These substances harm not only the nails, but the whole body in general;

7. Buy some hand sanitizer that contains a UV filter. The sun's rays negatively affect the skin of the hands and nails. The cream should be applied after each hand washing;

8. Do not open various containers with your nails: cans, corks, cosmetic devices, etc. Such actions lead to damage to the cuticle, which leads to the destruction of nails and reduce their strength;

9.When you remove nail polish, do not pour too much liquid on the nails, so as not to damage them; to buy a good nail polish remover, it is worth visiting a nail store;

10. Do not overdo it with pushing back the cuticle – try to touch it less. Carefully cut off that part of the cuticle that lags behind the nails;

11. Disinfect all manicure devices. When the nail files have worn off, change them. Bacteria that accumulate on tools can cause various diseases and damage the structure of the nail. If you carelessly cut the cuticle, which caused damage to the skin, treat the wound immediately. Infections that can get into the nail will affect the appearance of the nails. In addition, this can lead to long and diligent treatment, which is not so easy to carry out. If suddenly you find signs of infection, use antibacterial ointments and creams;

12. If you decide to do a nail bath, do not use soap or cleaning products – this weakens the nails. The longer the contact with soap, the more you damage the structure of the nail and cuticle;

13. Do not tear off the burrs. Carefully cut them off, trying not to damage the cuticle;

14. If you went to the salon, make sure that the master handles well with non-sterile tools. The master must disinfect tweezers, scissors, nail files well, so as not to bring any infection;

15. Do not ignore small inflammatory processes in the tissues of the cuticle and skin around the nail. Disinfect the inflamed area of ​​the skin with antifungal agents. If you find changes in the appearance of the nail, consult a specialist.

I hope these 15 tips will help you keep your nails healthy and beautiful.

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