What modern cosmetics should be like: main trends

What modern cosmetics should look like: main trends

The speed of the modern world makes its own adjustments in all spheres of life. Trends are changing in the market of professions, leisure and, of course, in the field of skin care procedures. Now bright packaging and an inviting slogan are not enough – girls want to understand why this or that beauty product is on their dressing table or in a cosmetic bag.

Each product must meet a number of requirements, and cosmetic companies, in order to maintain customer loyalty , it is necessary to comply with all the trends of modern cosmetology.

Trend # 1: Minimalism even higher – 54% of girls switched to simpler care regimens.

Until recently, a multi-stage system of facial skin care was popular, the market was filled with various products: patches, oils, serums, etc. Now more than half of the girls consider face cream to be the main product, and they do not see the rest as necessary. At the same time, almost everyone chooses multifunctional products, which, at the same time, save both time for beauty routine and finances.

This trend – minimalism – is also preferred by customers in the composition of care products. It is important that each composition is clear and logical and at the same time works on a specific task.

This is one of the rules of the Russian company “Diarsy”, which is implemented in the cosmetic brand FEMEGYL: for example, in the gel concentrate “Natural Moisturizing” there are only 5 ingredients, including water!

Trend No. 2: Permanent protection skin from negative impact

The main protective factor for cosmetic products 10 years ago was considered SPF, which helps protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and pigmentation. Now it is no less relevant. However, products with SPF, according to customers, should also evolve and change, just protection from UVA and UVB rays is no longer enough: products should be light, non-sticky, not roll and be comfortable when used under makeup.

In addition, the risk of skin problems from the abundance of gadgets has increased. In 2014, scientists compared the ability of the “blue light” emitted by the screens of laptops, computers, as well as mobile phones and tablets to affect skin pigmentation, and came to the conclusion that blue light with different wavelengths acts as destructively as UVA, UVB and IR rays. In the production of modern cosmetic products, this protection factor is necessarily taken into account. trendy-bd5de5a.jpg” alt=”What modern cosmetics should be like: main trends” width=”580″ height=”400″ />

Trend #3: Naturalness

In 2011, proper nutrition and sports lifestyle became the main trend among those who care about their health. Over time, this trend has spread to the field of cosmetology. Simple, clear, natural ingredients inspire much more confidence. Manufacturers are beginning to look for a replacement for aggressive components, replacing them with natural or identical to natural ones.

Superfoods are appearing in some lines: simple natural ingredients that support healthy and radiant skin, protect and care for it. Flax, amaranth, blackberries, rice bran are all superfoods. FEMEGYL scientists use “superweed” in their products – kelp extract: this ingredient is highly saturated with macro- and microelements, soothes, saturates the skin with vitamins, helps to stay hydrated and evens out its tone.

Trend No. 4 : Sustainability

Now taking care of yourself is inextricably linked with taking care of the environment. After all, our health, the condition of the skin, hair, nails depends on the environment. Almost half of buyers try to purchase products that do not negatively affect the environment.

Production, raw materials used, packaging – all this must be ethical. Therefore, modern brands are trying to be open, show willingness to care about the environment.

Trend # 5: Wellness as a lifestyle

One of the most detrimental factors for the beauty of the skin, of course, remains stress. Lack of sleep, constant haste and excitement lead to premature aging of the skin. Therefore, modern girls want to turn an ordinary beauty routine into a beauty ritual. Care products should not only cope with their task, but also give a pleasant, relaxing sensation.

It depends on the aroma of the product, and on the tactile sensations that arise when using it. Creating a SPA at home is easy if you choose products with pleasant, mild scents and a texture that will be pleasant to the skin. So, for example, FEMEGYL cleansing products use mild “green” surfactants, which turn the product into a fragrant, delicate foam, do not dry the skin and help to relax, as if in a beautician's office or at a Spa procedure.

The FEMEGYL® brand is unique products: from specially designed preparations used in a specialist's office to home care products. The desire of the manufacturers of the FEMEGYL brand is to instill in consumers the habit of using quality products for any age and skin type at a competitive price. And healthy and radiant skin will provide a stunning appearance and give self-confidence!

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