Wedding image of the bride: the necessary cosmetics and the question of choosing a makeup artist

Wedding image of the bride: necessary cosmetics and the issue of choosing a makeup artist

Wedding — This is an event that most often happens once in the life of any girl. Even if there are two marriages, the solemn ceremony, crowds of guests and numerous preparations are rarely organized on such a serious scale as at the very first marriage. So, since the wedding — this is something the only thing for life, then you want to look especially beautiful on this day. That is why bridal salons and beauty salons offering wedding services are so popular.

Makeup on this day is best left to a professional. Makeup artists recommend bringing your own cosmetics when creating wedding makeup. And here it is better to prepare in advance. Buy or order in advance everything you need if something in the cosmetic bag is missing or coming to an end.

For example, if a girl is used to using mascara from Oriflame, then you should look at the Oriflame catalog, order mascara and bring it to a trial makeup . If you are used to mascara from Dior or Chanel, then you should use them in wedding makeup. The same story with lipstick, which should be properly combined with trendy gel nail polishes, powders and foundations. Especially if there is a tendency to allergies.

Wedding image of the bride: necessary cosmetics and a question makeup artist selection

What else needs to be done besides buying cosmetics? You need to find a professional makeup artist. It is best to use the contacts of professionals who have a portfolio. For example, a page on the Internet or an account on social networks. Many people wonder why look at examples of work when you can just contact the recommended makeup artist.

But the problem is that different specialists work in different ways. Increasingly, you can meet makeup artists who do wedding makeup, close to evening. There are those who advocate maximum naturalness. There are lovers of decorative effects. It is impossible to say what the makeup of the bride should be. This is a matter of personal taste, a matter of choosing the bride herself.

About the same as with the dress, because the white is long — it's kind of a classic. But now there are not so many girls getting married in long white dresses to the floor, but there are a lot of colored dresses, short ones, even wedding trouser suits. And only the bride chooses. It's the same with makeup, and with the amount of cosmetics used. It is important to find your makeup artist who will meet the ideas about the desired makeup.

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