We select makeup according to the features of the color type

Choosing makeup according to color type

Many women dream of being natural ash blondes. Some are repainted in this tone, thereby constantly causing irreparable harm to the hair (white paint does much more harm than dark), others continue to silently envy. But few of them know that it is extremely difficult for owners of blond hair to choose makeup for themselves.

The fact is that all natural blondes have very fair skin and, almost always, light eyes, so a large amount of decorative cosmetics makes them unnatural, like dolls. Blonde makeup stylists are advised to limit it to light shadows and gray mascara, as black will look defiant. The emphasis can be placed on the lips, but you need to be extremely careful in choosing a shade. It should be in harmony with skin color and eye color. The most “difficult” is makeup for blondes with green eyes, more about which here. As a rule, nature rewards brown-haired women and brunettes with a chestnut shade of hair with this eye color. The green-eyed blonde is a rather rare phototype, but, nevertheless, let's try to choose the right makeup for it.

Green-eyed blondes can be divided into two categories: Spring and Summer. The Spring type includes girls whose curls shimmer with gold, and the skin tans well and has a bronze tint. The shade of green eyes gravitates towards yellow, sometimes — to the carem. Accordingly, eye makeup should be done in warm colors: pistachio, coral, beige, hazel. Mascara should be brown, otherwise the eyes will be “lost” in thick black eyelashes. Bright red lipstick is considered the ideal makeup for a green-eyed blonde of the Spring type. You do not need to use eye shadow, just cover the eyelashes with a thin layer of mascara.

Summer blondes have white skin that is not covered with a bronze tint from the sun, as it has a bluish tint. The eyes may be green with a gray or blue tinge. Sometimes there are blondes with turquoise eyes. This is one of the palest color types, so you need to be extremely careful with cosmetics. Use gray mascara, as well as cold shades of shadows, as with warm tones the eyes will look tired. Lipstick can be bright, but at the same time it should be matte.

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