Vitamin breakfast, lots of movement and something else: Kate Middleton's daily routine to stay alert and radiant

Vitamin breakfast, lots of movement and more: Kate Middleton's daily routine to stay awake and radiant

< p style="margin-left:0cm; margin-right:0cm">Kate Middleton is considered a style icon, she is always smart, smiling, elegant. The Duchess turned forty this year, but she looks thirty. Lady Perfection takes care of beauty every day, and she definitely has a lot to learn.

Breakfast, sports and beauty rituals

Employees of the Dukes of Cambridge say that Kate's day begins around six in the morning: she wakes up first and goes for a run in the garden. Middleton pays special attention to sports – she loves stretching and yoga, believing that movement helps to stay alert throughout the day.

After exercise, Kate eats breakfast alone so she can take some time for herself, flip through a magazine or just enjoy the view. Prince William's wife tries to eat something in the morning that will energize her for the whole day and saturate her body with vitamins.

Therefore, her favorite breakfast food is green smoothies: kale, spirulina, matcha, blueberries and spinach are her favorite combination. Later, the Duchess can eat an omelet or a fish sandwich.

Finds time for Kate in the morning to take care of her skin. She massages her face with a special brush, and then moisturizes and nourishes the skin with oils. Middleton loves rosehip oil, believing that it gives a healthy and even complexion. Sometimes the Duchess uses it as a make-up base and adds a few drops to her favorite cream.

Lots of movement and few carbohydrates


Usually Kate spends the day at meetings and receptions, but if she has a few free hours, the duchess goes for a walk or takes tennis lessons. She laughs and says that she is not very good at the game, but she tries hard.

At meetings, Middleton does her own hair and makeup: she believes that good care allows her curls to look great without much effort. Kate washes her hair with a sulfate-free shampoo, then dries it, and before going out, lightly combs the strands at the roots. The future queen does not spend much time on makeup either: she emphasizes her eyes with a gray pencil and applies a little peach blush to her cheeks.

Thanks to a hearty breakfast, Kate does not need snacks, but usually dines with vegetables, fish or chicken. Only occasionally Middleton makes an exception and eats something from Indian cuisine.

An evening for the family

Prince William's wife admitted that by nature she is a real homebody. Kate loves to cook and often bakes cakes. The whole family gathers for dinner, the children set the table, and the mother of many children indulges loved ones with pasta, pizza or shepherd's pie.

Kate believes that communication with family charges her with inspiration, cheers up. But, even if the children are naughty, the duchess does not violate her daily routine: at exactly ten in the evening she goes to her room to get ready for bed.

Makeup Middleton washes off the old fashioned way – with a flannel cloth, she believes that this method does the least harm to the skin, makes a light massage and improves blood flow. After washing, Kate collects her hair in a special net (yes, just like you remember from retro films) so that they do not get tangled at night.

Before going to bed, the Duchess drinks a glass of warm water, and always sleeps in an eye mask.

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