Unusual and interesting facts and tips about hair care

 Unusual and interesting facts and tips about hair care

1. Nowadays, many women think that stress is the main cause of hair loss. But this is all just guesswork, because baldness in 95% of cases is transmitted with genes. In order to cope with it, you can resort to the help of plastic surgeons. This is when they transplant small pieces of healthy skin onto damaged areas of the head. Or you can use minoxidil, the most common among women. Such a preparation well prevents hair loss and enhances their growth.

2. Also, most believe that combing your hair several times a day will make your hair shiny. If you comb your hair lightly and selectively, then the shine will actually appear as the oils contained in the scalp are distributed throughout the hair. But do not get carried away with this, because if you are not careful, you can make your hair very weak and brittle, instead of making your hair thicker and thicker, as described here. It will be very good if you buy a comb with plastic teeth and slightly rounded ends. It will come in handy in order to untangle the strands and style your hair. In addition, to avoid brittle hair, never comb it when wet, and when dry, start doing it from the ends to the roots.

3. If you want to have shiny hair, you should wash it in cold water, as hot water can make it dull and split. Also, do not forget about proper styling, because it depends on it how long your hair will retain such a spring appearance. To improve the general condition of the hair, you can apply a little serum with the addition of silicone to slightly moistened strands and then dry them with a hair dryer, while directing it from top to bottom.

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