Too Sweet: Check If You Have Sugar Face Syndrome

Too sweet: check if you have sugar face syndrome achieve radiant, soft skin and an even complexion. Much, as you know, depends on nutrition. Dermatologists are convinced that the main scourge of our time is sugar, it is he who negatively affects the condition of the skin. In the terminology of cosmetologists, the diagnoses

Glycation is the natural association of sugars with proteins within the human body. This process leads to the fact that the connective tissue becomes more solid, and the collagen fibers become denser. It is because of this that wrinkles appear, and the skin ceases to be radiant. As a result of glycation, the epidermis loses moisture, oxidants accumulate in its layers, which lead to a painful complexion.

Sugar compounds cause new collagen fibers grow more slowly, and appearing, “candied” – become brittle. That is why the appearance of glycation in the skin is called “sugar face”.

How Sugar Face Syndrome Develops everything will be back to normal. Alas, everything is not so simple. Glycation occurs due to a malfunction in metabolism and glucose metabolism. If the blood sugar level is normal and the pancreas is working properly, sweets do not provoke glycation.

Extra pounds, stress and lack of sleep lead to a failure in the metabolism of sugars, and as a result, to the “sugar face” syndrome.

Signs Sugar Face Syndrome

  • Greyish skin tone;
  • Face looks tired and haggard;
  • Bags appear under the eyes;
  • li>
  • The skin becomes thinner and wrinkles appear in the forehead area.

How to get rid of skin glycation and its consequences

To improve the condition of the face and eliminate signs of skin glycation, it is necessary to normalize nutrition. For a while, you will have to give up or significantly reduce the consumption of simple carbohydrates – sugar, sweets, pastries.

Another important aspect of the fight against glycation is quitting smoking and tanning, these activities will accelerate the appearance of “sugar face”. processes in the skin.

Sessions of myofascial massage help to eliminate the “sugar face” syndrome.

It is important to remember that glycation is a normal process that occurs in the body all the time, but if you notice signs of a “sugar face” in yourself, think about revising your diet and lifestyle, so you will definitely help your the body stays healthy and beautiful longer.

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