Thermal water – what is it for?

Thermal water — what it is for ?

Thermal water — what is it for?

Thanks to modern special developments, it is possible to use thermal water at home for skin rejuvenation. How to do it? It's very simple, experts use bottles of thermal water, they are popular among many business women, actresses and fashion models. A few clicks on the cap and the skin is irrigated with small droplets, which gives a magnificent effect of youth.
A thermal spring is a source of water where the temperature is slightly higher than the environment. Thanks to this water, cosmetologists have learned to have a beneficial effect on the skin, solving many dermatological problems. It heals wounds, relieves inflammation, cleanses the skin and gives moisture so that you always look young.
Depending on the source and its location, the composition of the water may be different, for example, it may contain special compositions of nitrogen and methane, or oily hydrogen sulfide and saline hydrocarbonate. Each source affects a person in its own way, depending on its composition. The global cosmetics industry has been using thermal springs for the production of products for a long time, and French cosmetologists pay particular attention to thermal waters.

Uriage thermal water

Thermal water — what is it for?

The most efficient thermal resort in France, located in a small town called Uriage-les-Bains, it is at the foot of the Alps, the resort has the same name. Water from the thermal springs of this resort travels for many kilometers through special crystalline rocks underground, only then they fall into a special grotto, which is perfectly protected from external influences. The water here is perfectly clean, does not contain bacteria and is always saturated with a large amount of minerals that are beneficial to humans.
The very first resort in the city was opened at the beginning of the 19th century, as soon as the famous doctor V. Zherdi published a book about the ideal qualities of the springs. Now, thanks to the sources in Uriage, special medical cosmetics Uriage are produced in the Biorg laboratory and you can buy it in many cosmetics stores in Ukraine.

Composition of Uriage thermal water

Water has a neutral level of acidity, so it cannot negatively affect the skin. It has isotonic properties, which in fact somewhat resemble the composition of human blood.

The properties of Uriage thermal water

The properties of this product are unique, the water moisturizes, soothes and protects the skin from the effects of wind, sun and various negatives. The skin becomes healthy, immunity and health radiance increase.

The use of Uriage thermal water

The use of Uriage thermal water is possible even with irritation, high sensitivity and inflamed skin, doctors note that it is safe even for newborns. After using the composition, it is necessary to let it soak into the skin on its own.

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