The main summer makeup trends: what to add to your makeup bag?

Top summer makeup trends: what to add in a make-up bag? width=

If the weather outside the window is not at all happy, every girl can create a great mood for herself. How? With trendy summer makeup. In order not to make a mistake with the choice, you need to clearly follow the latest fashion trends.

Everything is natural in fashion!

All leading makeup artists unanimously declare that it's time to abandon the thick layer of makeup that dries out the skin. The absolute trend of this season — radiant natural skin. The face should look like a girl has just finished a workout in the gym: a gentle shine, a blush and an even tone. To achieve this, a light moisturizing foundation or highlighter will help. The main thing is not to overdo it, it is recommended to use decorative cosmetics sparingly this summer.

Another trend this summer is Sandbagging. Even very hot weather cannot be an excuse for the fact that makeup has lost its durability. The girl is simply obliged to look perfect in any conditions. Regular powder will help with this – a product that perfectly absorbs sebum. After applying the foundation, powder the areas:

  • under the eyes;
  • around the lower edge of the lips.

It is thanks to this technique that Kim Kardashian's makeup always looks flawless.

The main summer makeup trends: what to add to your makeup bag?

Putting the right accents in makeup

Naturalness is in fashion and no one argues with that. But what if you really want to add brightness to the image? The solution lies on the surface: makeup artists advise using colored mascara. You can even combine several shades at once or give preference to monochrome. And it doesn't have to be mascara. Eyeliner of a bright shade will cope with the task no worse.

When it comes to color, pink has dominated the catwalks this summer. And it's not only about clothes, but also about makeup. Eye shadow, blush, lipstick and lip gloss – all these decorative products can be pink. And it doesn’t matter if they are identical or slightly different in scale. Pink makeup is back in vogue, and Hollywood red carpet looks are the best proof of that.

Main summer makeup trends: what to add to your makeup bag?

Another mandatory color attribute of a summer makeup bag is blue eye shadow or eyeliner. This multifaceted shade has not lost its relevance for the second season. But, choosing this color, the girl should be careful: it should be the only accent in the created image. No need to complement it with mascara of the same color or choose a wardrobe to match.

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