The influence of negative factors of the outside world on the skin of a woman

In the conditions of modern megacities, a huge number of factories and other industrial complexes, in times of total water and air pollution, in an age of unbearable stress, women's skin becomes extremely vulnerable.

Influence of negative factors of the outside world on a woman's skin

After all, leather — it is a reflection of the health of the whole organism, and it is very difficult to reduce all the negative effects of the surrounding world even to a minimum.

The opportunity to go to the mountains, drink spring water and eat freshly caught fish, enjoying peace and quiet, is far away not everyone. And for some reason, such a desire does not often arise in a modern city dweller. Therefore, a modern woman has to prevent and deal with the consequences of the already existing negative impacts of the urban world.

The beauty salon provides an opportunity to take care of any type of skin and under the most unfavorable conditions of a woman's life. After all, lack of sleep, constant stress, overwork, huge doses of coffee or smoking — all this is reflected on the skin of the face as if on a clean slate. And the consequences of all these horrors of healthy skin need to be worked on.

A city dweller needs to be regularly examinedsessions of cleansing the skin of the face, peeling and other procedures that remove elements that pollute the pores. Massages and hardware cosmetology will help keep your skin in good shape, and qualified cosmetologists will give advice on daily care.

If the possibility of skin care appeared when the time for preventive measures has passed, you can resort to more drastic measures. Facial rejuvenation without surgery makes it possible to significantly improve the condition of the skin without the risks and dangers of surgery. And the regularity of such procedures helps to look great for many years.

Modernity imposes completely different requirements on the condition of a woman's skin. If some twenty years ago the concepts of «cellulite», «stretch marks» or even «expression wrinkles» met either in special literature, or in the conversations of specialists close to cosmetology and plastic surgery, now these are commonly used terms. Even men who are far from feminine gloss can say what these terms mean. And the increased awareness of women, as well as the rich market for skin care services, makes women spend more and more time on their appearance.

There are certain limits to reasonableness in any field. In self-care, you also need to know when to stop. But it is necessary to follow the figure, the condition of the skin and the state of the body in general. The main thing to remember is the simple truth that it is easier to prevent the consequences of the negative influences of the surrounding world than to deal with the consequences later.

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