The future of the beauty industry: underground cosmetologists, the gray market for drugs and hope for Korea

The future of the beauty industry: underground cosmetologists, the gray market for drugs and hope for Korea

1. Market sanitation

Cosmetology is a tempting business, but very difficult, especially for small clinics and salons. This is due to the high cost of drugs, equipment, location and, most importantly, personnel. It is difficult to find good personnel, and it is even more difficult to keep it so that the specialist does not leave after a couple of months, having acquired a pool of regular customers before that, whom he will take with him. If the owner of a clinic or salon has not worked in the industry himself and does not know all the intricacies from the inside, the business is doomed. Any crisis is a reason for market sanitation. And if at the beginning of covid about 10 percent of salons immediately closed, now there will be even more of them. There will remain network and large ones, with a good reputation, traffic and an extensive client base.

2. Rising prices and drug shortages

At first, this was due to the rapid growth of the exchange rate. Suppliers immediately began to sell drugs at inflated prices. Then the currency market seemed to calm down. But the suppliers did not lower their prices. The products of companies that left the Russian market were swept away in a few days, because no new deliveries are expected. It is not clear what will happen to the supply of consumables for hardware cosmetology, while experts are looking for alternatives and raise prices by 10-15 percent. As for injection techniques, for example, the cost of a lip augmentation procedure will no longer be lower than 25,000 rubles. If you find it below, you should consider whether the genuine drug will be used. In general, always keep in mind the well-known meme “What needs to be done when they offer 'lips for 5,000 rubles'”? That's right, cross yourself 3 times.

3. Gray Market

Alas, it has always been. But with the introduction of sanctions, it flourished – a mass of the most low-quality fakes from the regions poured into the market. That is why it is worth going to a proven salon and to a master you trust. Do not be shy to ask to see the packaging from under the drug, although it is difficult for a non-specialist to understand its quality. Therefore, an increase in requests for the correction of complications after “left” injections and hardware procedures is expected. At one time, a similar situation was with biopolymers, which were injected into the lip area under the guise of hyaluronic fillers. And this was found out only when the biopolymer migrated into the tissues of the face or fibrosis began.

4. Russian “botox” instead of foreign

Yes, the most popular Botox manufacturer has left the Russian market. However, preparations with botulinum toxin, which, by the way, is used not only for the correction of wrinkles, but also in neurology for headaches and dentistry, for example, for the treatment of bruxism, are made not only in the states and Europe. In Russia, there are analogues with the same active ingredient – botulinum toxin.

The future of beauty -industries: underground cosmetologists, gray market drugs and hope for Korea

5. Korean care

It is known that Korean women treat their facial skin with great reverence. They get up every day at five in the morning to do the obligatory hour and a half grooming procedures. Korean injectables, fillers and threads for the face have already proven themselves well in Russia, and Korea is a country that may become a major supplier of cosmetic products in the near future.

6. Russian analogues

In a word, sanctions are not a reason to stay without the usual procedures for the face and body. In Russia, there are excellent preparations for biorevitalization and mesotherapy, Russian collagen has also proven itself well. So, the cosmetology market will certainly shake things up a bit, but both import substitution and a program of further actions are already being observed to maintain the price-quality balance in the existing realities.

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