The fashion for smooth skin has always been

Smooth skin has always been in fashion

The fashion for hair removal has existed for more than a dozen centuries. It was when men hunted mammoths and saber-toothed tigers, it didn’t matter how a woman looked, and hairiness was considered a virtue. But a few centuries later, everything changed. Men began to pay attention to less hairy women.

In ancient Egypt, women completely removed all unnecessary hairs from the whole body. Rich women had their hair plucked by specially trained maids, while poorer women used sharpened knives. In ancient Greece, it was also fashionable for the female body to have hair only on the head. But the removal procedure was very painful – the hair was either set on fire or pulled out by hand. Much later, already in the Middle Ages, a method appeared in which bread crumb was used.

Today things are much better. Ways to remove hair from the chest is here. Also these days, women use creams, epilators, razors and more. For example, such a method as shugaring has become fashionable. And some ladies use hydrogen peroxide. There are also methods such as electrolysis, laser hair removal, and enzyme hair removal.

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