The effect of varnish on the nail plate

The effect of polish on the nail plate

is an important part of any image. It is unforgivable for girls to walk with dirty and unkempt nails – this is ugly, and most importantly, indecent. Even if your nails themselves are not very healthy, beautiful and strong, you still need to take care of them. But the question arises – how to take care of your nails, when varnishes are sold in stores, which are full of various chemicals that harm our nails, which are not perfect by nature. I think we need to figure this out, but do varnishes really have a negative effect on the health of the nail plate.

Actually, it's not all that bad. Only low-quality varnishes that use toxic substances have a negative effect. As a rule, these varnishes are several times cheaper than varnishes without harmful substances. Although this does not always happen. Therefore, in order not to say goodbye to your nails for good, you need to carefully study the composition of varnishes, and also make sure that the varnish is not prophesied – I don’t know how it will affect the nail, but it won’t be very good to paint.< /p>

Expensive and high-quality nail polishes are not only harmless, but also have healing properties. They are able to transform, restore and improve your nails. This is due to special trace elements that are added to varnishes. Girls whose nails are constantly breaking, exfoliating and crumbling need to use varnishes, which include calcium, natural oils and proteins. Such varnishes are usually sold in a pharmacy.

Before applying the main varnish, even if you are completely sure of its quality, it is recommended to cover the nails with a special protective varnish. By itself, the protective varnish has no color, but its properties will prevent the absorption of dyes into the nail plate. As a rule, dyes contained in varnishes eat into the nail, which leads to discoloration. For me, for example, this only happens with red polishes, and this does not depend on their price.

When the first nail polishes appeared, it was a novelty for many girls. True, then, varnishes were not full of their varied and bright colors. On the other hand, manufacturers closely monitored the quality of the goods, so the varnishes of that time did not spoil the nails. Every year, manufacturers produced products that did not soften the nail, took care of its condition. Now, everyone pays attention only to the shell, most manufacturers do not care about the composition – the main thing is to make it cheaper in terms of ingredients and prettier for customers.

For example, buying shellac gel polish in an online store at competitive prices is very nice, but such offers are extremely rare!

In our time, there are also plenty of good and high-quality varnishes, in addition, manufacturers are trying to make varnishes hypoallergenic. And this is very useful – such varnishes are harmless to children, animals, suitable for allergy sufferers.

Groups of varnishes:

As you know, varnishes are plural. But how they affect people, let's try to figure it out now.

1. Hypoallergenic varnishes – such varnishes are suitable for people who are prone to allergies. Varnishes of this category can be used by pregnant and lactating women, because. they do not contain specific and toxic components. But, nevertheless, pay attention to the composition, otherwise you never know.

2. Medical varnishes. As I said, such varnishes contain calcium, natural oils and proteins. These varnishes include a base coat. If you constantly use such varnishes, then you can change the appearance of your nail, align the nail plate, get rid of brittleness and lamination of nails. The composition of medical varnishes does not include dyes. Varnishes of this category include “Smart Enamel”, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

3. Harmful varnishes. Such varnishes contain harmful components. Such varnishes are not recommended for people with sick and brittle nails. But, it is these varnishes that are most on store shelves, because the range of such varnishes is the most diverse. Choose I don't! The composition of such varnishes also includes luminescent particles that are suitable for evening manicure. Girls who care about their nails find an alternative to these particles in ordinary beads, rhinestones or sparkles – it looks even better and does not harm nails.

In addition to varnishes, our nails are also affected by the removal varnish. In no case should you use a liquid that contains acetone.

Among other things, before you buy this or that varnish, do a sensitivity test. This way you protect yourself from exposure to harmful substances contained in the varnish.

In order for your nails to peel and break less, it is necessary to unload your nails. Do not apply varnish for several days. Let them rest at least twice a week – so they will be saturated with the necessary oxygen, rest from the heaviness of coloring substances. During the period when your nails are resting from varnishes, make special baths and masks for nails.

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