Stretch marks – experts told whether to fight them

Stretch marks - experts told whether to fight them

Stretch marks can appear for a number of reasons. These are weight fluctuations, pregnancy, genetics, exercise. Stretch marks, known in the medical community as stretch marks, can affect up to 90 percent of people, according to the Sohag Medical Journal.

Each stretch mark is a scar where collagen fibers in the skin have been torn. Alas, no cosmetic product can get rid of them.

“In my experience, there are no creams that would eliminate stretch marks, — says Alexander Zuriarrain, MD, plastic surgeon. — There is also no scientific evidence that any of the stretch mark creams work. 

Is there an exception to this rule?

Yes, but we are talking about prescription creams and gels that a dermatologist must prescribe. And even in this case, you should not wait for the complete disappearance of stretch marks. Stretch marks will only shrink a little.

The best way to avoid stretch marks — is to prevent them. Regular moisturizing of the skin helps with this. Enrizza P. Factor, a dermatologist, notes that there are no creams or oils that have proven effective in preventing stretch marks. However, maintaining skin elasticity is beneficial in reducing risk. Moisturizing the skin will also relieve the itching that comes with stretching.

Doctor Factor recommends using an oil, cream or gel containing hyaluronic acid twice a day.


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