Solving beauty problems

Resolving beauty problems

Imagine that you have painted your nails and smeared varnish; they plucked their eyebrows and overdid it a little; they made themselves a charming hairstyle, and on the street, by the way, it began to rain. Are these problems familiar? I think yes. So, most beauty problems (let's call them that) have solutions.

1. Imagine that your skin has several problems at once: dryness, dullness, acne, age spots, blackheads, wrinkles, etc. And so you daily, morning and evening, first apply an anti-wrinkle serum, then a remedy for age spots, then a moisturizer, after a face scrub, an acne gel and a lot of other remedies. Most likely, irritation will appear on your skin from such an amount of all kinds of cosmetics.

It is commendable that for each of the problems you have a certain remedy, but not all of them can be combined with each other. Each of them has its own composition and its components, which may simply not tolerate each other. Irritation appears due to skin overload. Try splitting tasks: use acne gels or foams in the morning and anti-wrinkle serums in the evening (or vice versa, whichever you prefer). You can also choose a multifunctional tool that will solve all your problems at the same time. Moreover, it is the 21st century and such funds exist!

2. It happens that in a hurry you painted your eyelashes, and the mascara was imprinted on the eyelids – somehow it’s not beautiful. This is due to the fact that during the day the fat formed on the eyelids comes into contact with mascara, which is why prints appear. Tonal cream and transparent powder will help to solve this problem. Just apply a little foundation on the eyelids, and powder the eyelids a little on top. Problem solved!

3. You use lip gloss, and an ugly white coating accumulates on the inner contour – what to do? White plaque appears where the lips dry and exfoliate. These particles can be removed with a cotton swab, but it is better to exfoliate the lips before applying lipstick or gloss to exfoliate the keratinized skin. Also, so that the lips do not peel off, use a tinted balm or hygienic instead of gloss – these products give the lips the same shine, but do not provoke the appearance of a white coating.

4. If you are in a hurry somewhere and you need to quickly dry your nails – no problem. Dip your painted nails in a bowl of cold water. It takes 30 seconds for the nail polish to dry.

5. When you dye your hair yourself, there may be traces of dye on your skin that are not so easy to wash off. Paint remaining on the skin can be removed with nail polish remover or hydrogen peroxide. It may be a strange way, but a very effective one. Simply soak a cotton swab or swab in the liquid and gently wipe off any traces of paint. In addition, cosmetic stores have long sold products that help wash hair dye off the skin without a trace.

6. You plucked and plucked your eyebrows, but overdid it. Well, it happens to everyone. Don't worry – there is always a way! Using a soft pencil, lightly fill in the gaps with thin strokes. After that, use the brow brush to comb them, then fix them with a transparent brow gel.

7. Is your cosmetics quickly losing its presentable look? This happens because when you do makeup, traces of cosmetics remain on your fingers, it gets into all the bottles that you touch. The worst thing is that along with the remnants, traces of bacteria get into the bottles, which then get on your face. To prevent this from happening, try to always have antibacterial wipes with you so that you can use them to disinfect your hands after using cosmetics. Also, do not forget to wipe the bottles of lipsticks, powders, foundation creams with napkins, wash brushes for blush, gloss, lipsticks and shadows with soap – this way you protect yourself from unnecessary irritations on the skin.

8. How to prolong the life of brushes for makeup – this question, perhaps, is of interest to many female representatives. So, in order for the brushes to serve you longer, it is enough to wash them more often. Brushes for foundations and concealers (liquid textures) should be washed every day, and sponges and brushes for powders and blush should be washed every two weeks. Wash the brushes in warm water with a mild shampoo, rinse with the bristles down. Dry the brushes on a terry towel.

9.What to do if you don't like fragrances in miniature packages, and standard bottles are inconvenient to carry around? This problem has been solved a long time ago. There are special mini-atomizers in which you can pour perfume from a large bottle into a small one. Usually, such bottles are made of durable material and small in size, which is convenient if you go on a date and take a small clutch with you.

10. Concealer, which can cover up the dreaded under eye circles, is flaky and untidy. If you have bruises under your eyes, you should not use concealers with a heavy texture. Light textures are quickly absorbed and also effectively matte dark circles. It is better to choose an opaque peach concealer. Peach shade masks blue skin tones. If one concealer is not enough, apply powder with reflective particles on top.

11. Everyone has experienced problems when, after shaving, hair begins to grow the very next day. It's not very pleasant. This comes from the fact that you shave off only the superficial part of the hairs, without touching the hair that is hidden behind dead cells. To slow hair growth, use a foot scrub before shaving to exfoliate dead skin cells. After exfoliating the skin, you can shave off the hairs with one swipe of the razor. If regrown hairs begin to prickle, change the cream – instead of a moisturizer, buy a cream with urea or glycerin.

Tips from the stars:

1. Liv Tyler – “To make your hair shine (especially important if your hair is smooth), run an ice cube through your hair. Ice, or rather cold, closes the cuticles, giving hair shine and shine.

2. Jenny Frost –

  • You can use regular hair conditioner. After it, the legs become soft and smooth “;
  • “If you are wearing a dress with a large neckline, and your breasts are not large, take powder or blush a tone darker than your skin. With gentle movements, draw along the neckline with a powder brush, marking the neckline. Thus, your breasts will appear larger than they actually are.
  • “If red wine is spilled on your snow-white dress at a party, do not despair, but immediately look for a glass of white wine. Found? Good luck – then pour the white wine over the red. Before your eyes, the untidy red spot will discolor, but after that you will need to run to the toilet and wash the stain from the white spot.

3. Gwyneth Paltrow – “If you have very thin and liquid hair, use hair oil. First, apply the oil to damp hair, after styling, oil the dry ends of the hair.

4.Victoria Beckham – “To avoid the appearance of stretch marks after pregnancy, during pregnancy and after it, apply chamomile oil all over the body . Chamomile oil not only prevents the appearance of stretch marks, but also keeps the skin in good shape.

I hope these tips will help you with your beauty problems.

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