Sexual disadvantages.

Sexual imperfections.

In principle, ideal people do not exist – everyone has a small flaw. Here women are no exception. A woman should not have a body without a gram of fat or a single hair. As statistics have shown, men do not have to be attracted to ideal girls – they are also people, and therefore they can fall in love with “imperfect” young ladies. Sometimes it is because of their shortcomings that a woman becomes attractive. Remember Marilyn Monroe and her legs. Why do you think she walked so sexy, as if wagging her hips ??? Yes, because her legs were different lengths. For some reason, she was not prevented from becoming a sex symbol of her time. The main disadvantage is the presentation. You need to be able to present your shortcomings so that they seem to those around you as your main advantage!

I present some examples of flaws that men find sexy in girls:

1. Hump nose – don't think you look like Baba Yaga or a parrot, not at all. Many Greek goddesses and queens had such noses, so your profile attracts the opposite sex.

2. Small breasts are the eternal problem of many girls. I do not argue that men like big breasts, but do not forget the fact that they generally like breasts! Girls with small breasts have a lot of advantages:

  • It is convenient for you to walk without a bra;
  • You can wear any clothes and easily select its size to fit your parameters;
  • You won't experience any discomfort when running;
  • It won't sag as much as a large breast would sag with age.

And a host of other benefits.

3. Wide hips – they beckon men who like curves. Wide hips can emphasize your femininity and sexuality. Studies have shown that most men are drawn to girls with wide hips, as this is a sign that you are able to procreate.

4. Some unkemptness – I do not argue that most men like girls with manicures, makeup and beautifully styled hair. Only girls without makeup, with loose hair do not go unnoticed.

5. Glasses – most girls consider this fashion accessory a disaster … Only they did not take into account the fact that many men like this look. Women with glasses give the impression of an intelligent and self-confident personality. If it seems to you that glasses can hide your beauty, do your makeup in such a way that the emphasis falls on your eyes.

6. Non-inflated arms – believe me, jock girls are not attracted to men at all. Volumetric muscles in the arm area will not make you sexier and more feminine. A young man will think that you do not get out of the gym, constantly training your body. An inflated body can completely frighten off a guy.

7. Tummy – most girls dream of having a belly without folds, with “cubes”. Just do not rush to draw conclusions … Representatives of the opposite sex like girls who “have something to see and have something to hold on to.” If you have such a young person, a small tummy will only be a plus.

8. A slit between the teeth – rejoice if you have become a happy owner of such teeth. The gap between the teeth is a real sensation: there is nothing sexier and more attractive than a girl with a gap between her teeth.

9. A round butt – I think few men prefer girls without “bulges”. Bones instead of priests is a terrible phenomenon. Therefore, do not worry if you have a big butt. Reducing your ass is the same as “blowing” your breasts from the fifth size to zero – pointless and stupid.

So, think about your shortcomings without trying to mutilate yourself!

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