Remove cheeks in a minute: 6 makeup hacks to make your face look thinner

Remove cheeks in a minute: 6 makeup hacks to make your face thinner

Kim Kardashian proved that makeup can completely change facial features. And, despite the fact that hard contouring is no longer in trend, and makeup artists insist that cosmetics should only emphasize dignity, sometimes you really want to become slimmer in a couple of strokes of the brush.

Hiding extra centimeters at the waist is unlikely to work, but getting rid of chubby cheeks and making the face visually thinner is quite simple.

Step 1: Prepare the skin

To hide the unwanted, you have to paint a little, but it's better to do it on the prepared canvas. Therefore, the face needs to be well moisturized and apply a medium-density base.

Step 2: Apply a concealer or bronzer

The second option is preferable. Yes, with the help of a bronzer you cannot draw new facial bones, but you can definitely set the relief: apply it on the temples, on the area just below the cheeks and below the chin. It is important that the brush handle points in the direction you are feathering the shadow on the face.

Remove cheeks per minute: 6 makeup hacks to make your face look thinner

Remove cheeks with makeup

Step 3: Fill in the brows

The shape of the eyebrows changes the expression of the face, can significantly rejuvenate or add age, and also hide or extra pounds. It is important that the outer tip is not too long and does not fall below the crease of the upper eyelid. This eyebrow makeup will make the eyes more expressive and the face more defined.

Step 4: Apply blush

Peach blush is a universal product that should be in every cosmetic bag, according to makeup artists. They refresh, make visually younger. An important rule for applying blush: the shade should not be lower than the wings of the nose. Otherwise, the whole face will visually “float” down.

Skip the popular way of applying blush to the “apples of the cheeks”, instead touch the brush a little higher and blend the color towards the temples.

Step 5: Check the makeup lines

All lines should be ascending: extend the line of the lower eyelid to the temple, the outline of the jaw to the ears. When doing lip makeup, emphasize the bottom contour so that it is slightly wider than the top.

Step 6: Highlight the features with a highlighter

Lighter shades in makeup draw attention. To elongate the face, draw a vertical line from the center of the forehead, across the nose and chin. By highlighting the center of the face, you will divert attention from the cheeks and the second chin.

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