Pupa, fox or squirrel: which eyelash extension scheme is right for you

Kupa , fox or squirrel: which eyelash extension scheme is right for you

Times when eyelash extensions associated with gaudiness and huge, unnatural fans over the eyes are long gone. Now this procedure is adored by both stars who need to look attractive at any moment of the day, and office employees who want to save time in the morning.

Eyelash extensions will be a salvation for those who nature has not rewarded with lush, long hairs. But, before you go to the master, you need to decide what effect you want to achieve with the procedure.

Types of eyelash extensions

now it is especially popular, because naturalness, lack of makeup and grooming are in fashion. With this technique, you can create the impression that you have long black eyelashes by nature: they do not look too bright, they only emphasize the shape of the eyes a little and give the look expressiveness.

Another natural effect option is . When it is performed, hairs of different lengths are glued along the entire ciliary edge to make the look soft and the extension look as natural as possible.

A completely different impression is made by extension according to the scheme Cilia are stacked from the inner to outer corner of the eye with increasing length, a kind of arrow is obtained that makes the eyes are longer and slanted. Contrary to expectations, this effect is not for everyone, but this extension scheme allows you to forget about eyeliners and pencils.

An even more noticeable effect is , for its implementation, long eyelashes with a large bend are used, which are glued along the entire ciliary edge. The eyes are wide open, a little naive, expressive, however, those around you will know from afar that you have done extensions.

One ​​of the most popular options extension – . It looks like a fox: the cilia lengthen from the inner to the outer corner, but then become short again. Thanks to this technique, the eye does not become elongated, only the natural shape is emphasized.

Doll, fox or squirrel: which eyelash extension scheme is right for you

Kylie Jenner chooses a puppet effect

How to choose an eyelash extension effect

Definitely don't go for celebrity hair extensions. “I want it like hers!” — this phrase is heard by masters all the time, but clients do not take into account the features of their face, the shape of their eyes and natural data.

: the bigger the eyes, the more natural the extension effect should be, otherwise there is a risk of turning into a Japanese cartoon character.

It is important to remember that with the help of the procedure, you can correct the shape of the eye or emphasize it. The owners will look more expressive and feminine if they stop at the fox or squirrel effect.

For those who naturally have a raised middle, great a fox effect or rays are suitable – bunches of eyelashes along the inner and outer edges. Both schemes will visually make the eye more almond-shaped.

And slightly elongated, similar to the eyes will decorate any build-up: you can make the look more naive with the help of a puppet scheme, you can enhance the effect of the cunning by choosing a “squirrel”.

extension can be a real salvation: it will visually reveal the look, make it more expressive. It is important to remember that too much length or bend can cause discomfort, constantly in contact with the crease, so choose more natural schemes.

Doll, fox or squirrel: which eyelash extension scheme is right for you

A Ksenia Borodina – fox

It is easy to determine it, measure the eye with your fingers, now put them between the eyes on the bridge of the nose. If the distance is less – you have close-set eyes, more – far-set. Equal to one eye? You are lucky, you are the owner of harmonious proportions.

For close-set eyes, masters recommend a fox or squirrel effect, visually they will help to “spread” the eyes from the bridge of the nose.

Puppet pattern or rays are suitable for far-set ones.

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