Proper manicure

Correct manicure< /P>Gel Polish — this is an ideal option for those who want to preserve the beauty of their nails and get a chic and durable manicure in the shortest possible time.

It is applied easily and quickly, the drying time is minimal, and besides in addition, strengthens the nail plate and increases the level of its growth. The resistant coating has no chips and cracks, is hypoallergenic and is equally effective for both manicure and pedicure.

Gel polish has several most significant advantages: it dries within 2 minutes after application, and the application procedure itself takes about half an hour. In addition, you can remove it in a matter of minutes without worrying about the condition of the nails.

The procedure for removing gel polish is carried out with a special soaking agent, and its residues are removed with an orange stick. Self-removal of the coating is not recommended, it is better to contact the master.

Gel polish is applied like a regular polish, as it is intended for natural nails that do not require special filing. The base is applied first, then the color coating, and then the top, the nails painted in this way are dried in an ultraviolet lamp.

The development allows you to save not only your own, but also the working time of the masters in the salon: dries instantly , does not smear or spread. After application, it does not restrict actions – you can put on gloves or fasten your shoes, answer phone calls without worrying about the quality of the applied coating.

Applying gel polish on artificial nails is impractical, because they already hold the varnish perfectly and do not need strengthening.

The novelty is absolutely safe, it does not contain such harmful components as formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyphthalate, which negatively affect the appearance of the nail plate.

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