Professional facial peels

Professional face peels

Professional facial skin care is a must for women over 25 years old, when peeling done at home becomes insufficient due to loss of skin tone, influence stress, bad habits and the environment.

Thanks to this procedure, you can get noticeable results: reduce the number and depth of wrinkles, eliminate age spots, scars, remove redness, get rid of spider veins and solve other aesthetic problems.

Professional face peels

Peeling (from the English word “to peel”) is a deep cleansing of the skin, during which the layer of dead cells is removed and the skin renewal mechanism is launched. There are several methods of skin peeling: mechanical, chemical and physical. The most effective, according to experts, is the chemical type of skin cleansing. Professional peelings are carried out by a qualified master in a specially equipped beauty parlor. This is required because the process uses acids and other chemicals.

Professional face peels

During mechanical peeling, scrubs or gommages with various abrasive particles are used, which act like sandpaper. The physical method involves preliminary softening of the upper layer of the skin with water vapor or ultraviolet rays.

Peelings for the skin of the face have an excellent effect on the appearance and contribute to the overall improvement of the body. In combination with a session of a relaxing back massage, the procedure normalizes the functioning of internal organs, helps relieve fatigue, restores a cheerful mood and just a good mood. The face after peeling shines, the skin acquires elasticity, tenderness, enlargement of pores decreases, the need for corrective agents disappears.

Professional peelings for facial skin

Contraindications include the presence of infectious diseases, skin diseases at an acute stage or any violation of the integrity of the skin, a tendency to scarring, pregnancy and lactation. Regularly performed facial skin care procedures are the norm for women who care about their beauty and prolongation of youth. An interesting fact is that many modern men are beginning to try to improve their appearance and agree to do peeling and other cosmetic procedures.

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