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Perfume Dictionary< /P>Absolo is an ingredient of plant origin. Most commonly used in aromatic composition.

Aldehydes is a component that, with the help of synthesis, imparts a sweet aroma to the most delicate compositions.

This article will focus on perfume terms. The ABC of perfumery will be the main assistant in choosing a fragrance, as it will reveal all the secrets of a particular name.

Amber is a product formed in the sperm whale tract. The most valuable specimens are white or gray ambergris. This is due to the fact that such ambergris is extremely difficult to extract. This ingredient serves as a fixative, as it fixes the result. Amber is most audible in Shalimar Guerlain, L’Interdit de Givenchy.

Aphrodisiacsis an ingredient used in a fragrance to attract the opposite sex.

Blotter — this is a strip on which sellers sprinkle eau de toilette for customers.

Distillation — this is the name of the method by which ether is extracted from plants. A condensation procedure is carried out, after which water and ethers are preserved.

Musk– a component that is released as a result of the vital activity of some animals. Musk is used in perfumery purposes in order to increase the durability of the aroma. By the way, perfumes with the addition of a component are very expensive.

The olfactory pyramid is often depicted on the packaging of perfume, which indicates at what time a separate element of the perfume blooms. At the top, unstable aromas, then in order.

Oriental fragrance – a fragrance that introduces a thick smell of the east, that is, spices and exotic plants.

Pheromones are volatile substances secreted by both animals and humans. The component is odorless, but affects a person at an unconscious level.

Fougere fragrance – perfume with notes of lavender, coumarin and other herbs, despite the fact that fougere translates as fern.

Chypre fragrance< /strong> – so to speak toilet water, with the presence of lemon, frankincense and oak moss. This discovery was first made by François Coty.

Essential oil is a volatile component extracted from plant products.

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