Oriental beauty: advantages and pitfalls of oriental cosmetics

Oriental beauty: advantages and pitfalls Oriental cosmetics

A woman at any age wants to be beautiful! Therefore, each of us is looking for certain ways to our beauty.

More and more often, the dear half of humanity is faced with a problem in choosing care products and decorative cosmetics: either the prices interfere, or the quality fails but there are always barriers to beauty.

But lately, the popularity of oriental cosmetics has increased – Korean http://goddess.com.ua/and Japanese, which managed to win the hearts and wallets of lovely ladies quite well. ?

A fairly good reason to buy this kind of cosmetics is the value for money. Many brands of Korean and Japanese cosmetics can oust European “luxury” and professional cosmetics with their quality, but remain affordable for all buyers.

But, as in all cases, there is another side of the coin.< /p>

First of all, it should be noted that Korean BB and CC creams are difficult to clean with simple European products (gels, foams, scrubs, soaps), so you should be prepared for the fact that you will also need a skin cleansing complex. Usually this is a complex of two phases of skin cleansing, which contains hydrophilic oil and facial wash.

But this solution is not suitable for problematic and oily skin. In addition, none of the girls like long and complex processes, because everything should be fast, but effective, because. time does not wait, and there is not always the strength for such a long make-up removal.

Oriental beauty: virtues and pitfalls of oriental cosmetics

There should also be an understanding that Asian girls are literally obsessed with light smooth skin, because of this, manufacturers add various whitening components and silicones to cosmetics. This helps Asian beauties even out all the imperfections on the face, hide enlarged pores.

Cosmetics from Korea and Japan are not suitable for use in countries with a temperate climate, as they have a high SPF of 30-40.

It is best to use Korean or Japanese cosmetics for girls under 30 years old. Skin care products cleanse and protect the skin well, which is exactly what is needed for young skin, but for problematic skin, cosmetics from these countries are not so effective and are not able to actively fight acne, comedones and other rashes.

But it is best not to use decorative cosmetics from these countries often, because European girls and their skin are not used to such persistent and hard to wash off products.

Anti-aging care

Asian cosmetics with aging problems of European beauties , definitely, will not cope, so you should not hope for a miracle from the East.

All this is due to the fact that women in Europe and Asia age in completely different ways. Asian women tend to stay fit at 40 due to the muscular type of aging, so their skin looks younger and fresher than a 40-year-old European lady.

Our European skin is very sensitive, in unlike Asian, and is also prone to premature aging and allergic reactions, so it is better to choose products from European or American manufacturers.

Perhaps Korean or Japanese products will suit someone, and the skin will feel great, but if you are looking for care products, then it is better to borrow homemade recipes from Asian women, because. they know a lot about it.

Despite their shortcomings in relation to the delicate skin of European girls, cosmetics from Korea and Japan are still able to replace some products from manufacturers in Europe and America.

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