Oily skin

Oily skin

  If you know how to properly care for oily skin, then it becomes quite a pleasant experience.
  For proper and complete care of oily skinthorough cleaning should be applied. Oily skin needs to be cleansed more frequently than dry or combination skin. Oily skin should not be degreased with alcohol, because by using powerful cleansers, the skin intensively restores the lack of fats and produces even more of them. Therefore, instead of an alcohol lotion, it is better to wash your face several times a day, using a gel or foam for this.

  Oily skin does not interact well with hot water, because the high temperature of the water provokes an intensive release of fat. It is necessary to wash your face with water at room temperature or a little cooler, the use of which helps to narrow pores and perfectly tones.

  To wash oily skin, it is better to use special products that increase immunity to infections and normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands. For example, ordinary toilet soap only dries out the skin and leaves a coating on it. The cleanser must be completely soluble in water. When using a gel or foam for oily skin, pay attention to the pH content, which should be no higher than five, they should also contain antibacterial substances and essential oils.

  Also excellent for treating oily skin washing with sour milk or kefir helps. Wipe the skin of the face with the selected product with massage lines, thoroughly moistened with a cotton pad or swab, carefully wiping the forehead, nose and chin. Then rinse everything off with room temperature water. Such washing cleans well and also gives the effect of dullness of the skin. Regular use of sour milk for facial skin will make it clean and rejuvenated.

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