Nature's gifts to help with hair loss

Healthy, strong, shiny hair is a sign of beauty and an indicator of good physical health of its owner. There are many hair care products.

Gifts of nature to help with hair loss

Some of them are offered by cosmetic companies, and some by traditional medicine. It is up to you to give preference to one side or another, but it is worth remembering that the means that nature itself offers have been tested by our ancestors for many centuries.

In general, daily hair loss— this phenomenon is normal, just their number should not exceed the norm. Scientists have concluded that the loss of 100 units of hair daily, — it's almost a natural process. However, if the losses are greater, then it is worth thinking about strengthening them. First you need to slightly adjust your diet, namely, you need to add proteins and iron to it, as well as vitamins from hair loss (A, C, H and B5).

Next step — This is the provision of hair follicles with a large influx of blood. Massage is perfect for this. By the way, head massage — a great way to relax the whole body.

In general, folk remedies for hair loss in their arsenal have a huge number of recipes; as a rule, these are either masks or decoctions.

A honey mask is used for hair problems, and honey not only nourishes the bulbs and prevents hair loss, but also restores the hair itself, ensuring their growth.

Among the masks, one can note such a combination as egg yolk, onion juice and castor oil. All components together provide a very good result, give shine and silkiness.

If we talk about decoctions and infusions , then here we can distinguish calendula tincture, nettle infusion or coltsfoot. Burdock juice was used by our ancestors for hair problems.

In folk medicine, there are many recipes for strengthening hair and preventing hair loss, but it is worth remembering that everything should be in moderation. If you decide to regularly perform a certain set of procedures, first ask how often they can be performed and do not expect lightning-fast results. Whether the remedy you chose helped or not, only time will tell.

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