Mumiyo as a remedy for hair restoration.

Mumiyo as a remedy for hair restoration.

— it is a rich complex of biologically active substances created by nature itself. Scientists have discovered that this priceless gift of nature consists of a large number of substances of inorganic and organic origin. Substances form in crevices and empty spaces in rocks and mountains. Where the mummy actually came from is unknown.

Shilajit is common in folk medicine as a hypoallergenic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antitoxic agent, and it is also often used to treat colds. In cosmetology, mummy is used as a remedy for stretch marks, for cleansing and rejuvenating the face, for strengthening hair, for losing weight, as well as against acne and skin inflammation. Shilajit is not a hormonal remedy, so it has a positive effect on the condition and growth of hair. The invaluable gift of nature is full of useful substances that, penetrating the scalp, stimulate blood circulation, increase the level of copper and zinc – this restores hair growth. The substances that make up the mummy penetrate the dermis through the epidermis layer. It is in this layer that the follicles are located, which, thanks to the mummy, restore and strengthen the hair, stimulating their further growth.

Shilajit is used in various forms for hair treatment: masks, solutions, shampoo additives, massages, body wraps, etc.

1. How does mumiyo work in shampoo?

If you add a little mummy to the shampoo, you can enhance its regenerating and cleansing properties. But shampoo with mummy is not immediately washed off the hair, but left as a mask for 5 minutes, only then washed off with warm water.

2. Lotion to strengthen hair from mummy.

The lotion has a simple method of preparation. Take a few grams of mummy, dissolve it in a glass of water. Lotion is ready! It is rubbed into the roots of the hair and with the help of a spray gun, the hair is sprayed along the entire length three hours before washing the head. Instead of water, mummy can be dissolved in chamomile or calendula tinctures. If you take the use of such a miraculous habit, you can activate hair growth and strengthen them.

3.Nourishing and strengthening mask for dry and damaged hair.

Take one egg yolk, mix it with a teaspoon of liquid honey and add 3 grams of mummy. Mix until smooth. The mask is rubbed into the scalp, then, with the help of a comb, distributed along the entire length. Leave the mask on for 30 minutes, then wash off with warm water and shampoo. This mask nourishes, heals and cares for hair.

4.Anti-baldness solution.

Dilute the mummy in drinking water (1:10), spray the finished solution on the scalp. Wait 2 hours, then wash off with shampoo. The procedure is carried out with intensive hair loss in a course of four weeks.

5. Nourishing mask.

Mix a tablespoon of bee honey, 0.2 grams of mummy and a little shampoo. Rub the mass into the hair roots, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse. This mask nourishes and tones the hair and scalp.

6. Baldness remedy.

Prepare a tincture of mint and burdock roots (1:1). In 100 grams of the resulting solution, add 1 gram of mummy. Rub the product once a day into the scalp for 4 weeks. Then, take a break for 10 days and repeat again. If you have burn baldness, dilute 3 grams of mummy in 150 grams of distilled water. Rub the resulting solution into the affected areas once a day.

Nourishing hair lotions:

  • Knead 100 grams of cranberries, add 3 cups of boiling water . Let the “compote” brew for 4 hours. Then, add 3 grams of mummy. Rub into the scalp.
  • Mix 5 grams of mummy with 50 grams of honey, add a glass of warm water and a tablespoon of sea buckthorn oil. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the head before washing for 40 minutes.
  • Add 3 grams of mummy, a tablespoon of burdock oil and a tablespoon of burdock juice to a glass of water. Stir. Apply to the scalp.
  • Pour the herbs (geranium, thyme and tansy – all 40 grams each) with a liter of boiling water. Put in a dark, warm place for 3 hours. Strain the solution, add 5 grams of mummy. The resulting solution is rubbed into a clean scalp, leave for 30 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

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