Mommy makeover Varsik Dadayan

Mommy makeover Varsik Dadayan

The people of a child change the life of a woman. Ale, not all changes are bazhanimi: tse, obviously, traces, which the woman knows about the hour of vacancy and during the sleepy period. We recommend you to open the door and honestly rozmov with the plastic surgeon Dadyan Varsik Ashotivnoy. We were asked to tell you about those problems most often faced by women after the people of the child, what can modern medicine be for young mothers and why surgery is plastic, not only about model soundness, but also about real help for women. 


How plastic surgery is based on impersonal myths and fights, even if it is the very bogus of medicine, as if it were something else. Ale, the plastic surgeon is better, lower, be it clear that I’m healthy & rsquo; — It’s not enough to see sickness, ale and the camp of a new physical, spiritual and social goodness (before the speech, ce official recognition, as documented by the WHO). 

Mommy makeover Varsik Dadayan

It’s not customary to speak about it out loud, but vagіtnіst, the canopies of that vigodovuvannya breast melt for rich women with right vibes. Hormonal changes, colic of the vagina, mild injuries — everything is possible to provoke a slyapologist's depression, a woman feels like a stranger in the air, she suffers from self-esteem and the quality of life.

Sport and diet do not always help you on the right: not all traces can be corrected by eating and physical adventures. Stretch marks, sagging shkіri, diastasis are practically not subject to conservative correction, and sometimes young mothers are medically exposed to sports. It is especially important for women who have a very rich womanhood that is quiet, who suddenly becomes a mother. 

Mommy makeover — plastic procedures, as if helping to solve minor problems. 

Mommy makeover— the price is 100% individual history, within the framework of which you yourself believe that you yourself want to change it in robots with some zones, you will need additional help. 

Women often go to such procedures after the people of the child:

Abdominoplasty — reconstruction of the contour of the anterior abdominal wall and for the necessary reconstructive surgery to drive diastasis of straight abdominal ulcers or hernia.

Mommy makeover Varsik Dadayan< /P>

The result of abdominoplasty for suturing diastasis of direct abdominal ulcers and transfer of the navel after vaccination by twins.


Mini tummy tuck.Correction of the lower abdomen: under the navel, where young mothers have a characteristic “tummy”, which is very important to inspire stringy women.

Liposuction. Visualization of supra-surplus adipose tissue on one of the few cells of the body. 

Labioplasty (intimate plastic surgery). Reconstructive surgeries that help to remove the traces of important and traumatic slopes: scars, scars, deformities. 

Breast lift and breast lift. In the aftermath of the colication of the vagi after the vaginess and the flatness of the body, the clarity of the contours is lost: there are striae and folds. Use them to help lift problem areas.

Break or change breasts. Inspire women who do not like breasts, recognize changes in their shape and size. The skin of the breasts is narrower, and after the completion of lactation, the breasts can draw clear contours. Plastic surgery helps to compensate, it gives women the ability to take on quiet forms, which will be most comfortable for them.

Mommy makeover Varsik Dadayan< /P>

Result of breast augmentation and suturing of puerperal diastasis. The operation was performed 7 months ago.


Torsoplasty (bodylifting) — aesthetic correction of the skin and m & # 39; of some tissues of the abdomen, back, stegon and sides. This operation is recommended for patients who suffer from a decrease in the vagi, but if the skin is thinner by 30 kg, the skin cannot shrink on its own.

The importance of Mommy makeover procedures — їх it is possible to win one hour. Tse means that within the framework of one presentation, all zones are corrected that require respect. 

If you think you can turn the body of your mind, but still you are afraid – ask for a consultation. Even though it’s not only possible, but it’s necessary to do it.
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