Manicure trends 2019

Manicure trends 2019

Every season fashion dictates its trends. Some things become mega popular, and some go completely out of fashion. Fashion also dictates its trends in manicure.

Bright nails

If last season it was considered pretentious to wear a bright flashy manicure, then in the present, the fashion for bright varnish has made its way to the leading position. Turquoise, bright yellow, peach and even dark blue are all fashionable shades of manicure 2019. Again, you should not take this brightness seriously and simply paint your nails in different colors, as if the manicure is not everyday, but festive. If you really choose a bright shade of varnish, then one for all nails.

Neon coating

The option is not only festive, but also ordinary, everyday. Such a coating gives the nails a certain charm and because of this, the entire manicure as a whole looks very expensive, and for its high-quality performance you will need a manicure cutter. It is not difficult to buy such a neon coating; it is sold in any cosmetic store. The coating is applied immediately after applying the varnish, without waiting for it to dry.

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Large shine

And again, these large sequins have come into fashion. Treating the idea with sparkles is also worth being careful, because if you overdo it, you can completely ruin the manicure. Beauty experts advise applying glitter to 1 or 2 nails of one hand, but no more. After all, a manicure should look balanced, and not bold. The color of the gloss is matched to the shade of the varnish. Usually sequins either match the tone of the varnish or are a shade darker, so you should not rediscover the world and apply sparkles of different colors on your nails. 2019. These cute droplets are back in fashion and not in the last positions. Rhinestones are usually matched to the shape of the nail. If the nail is rounded, then the rhinestones should be round, if square, then you can use all varieties of the square – a rhombus, a rectangle, a hexagon. If the nails are elongated, then there is no limit to joy – any rhinestones of any length and size are suitable. The color of a beautiful decor is matched to a shade of varnish or a tone darker.


Volumetric flowers in 2019 will find their admirers, because a manicure decorated with this method is simply incomparable. However, this decor is not suitable for the entire length of the nail. It will look chic only on long nails. On short ones, it will look simply ridiculous, a three-dimensional pattern will simply “eat up” the length of an already short nail. Therefore, you should carefully consider this type of decor.

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