Manicure and skin care – signs of attention to yourself

Manicure and care behind the skin of the hands — signs of attention to oneself

Manicured hands — this is the sign of the general well-groomedness of a woman, to which others pay attention in the first place. Whether it is short-cut nails or nails grown, false or extended, nails should be well-groomed. And it does not matter whether the manicure is done in a salon or at home, it is important that the hands look neat, and the nails — processed.

If you take care of your nails at home, you will need high-quality manicure supplies. Manicure accessories — it's not just scissors and a file, as some people think. A neat manicure includes not only shaping the nails, but also removing the cuticle, as well as strengthening the nail plate. this manicure option: you will not need to cover only varnish and a means for its removal. A competent manicure involves the use of a fixer, special hand baths and other amenities.

Manicure and hand care — signs of self-attention

Professional nail shops even offer everything you need for shellac, from a lamp to strippers. So lovers of doing manicure at home can take care of their nails using any modern means.

True manicure — that's not all. It is also important to take care of your skin. And this can be more difficult than once a week or less often to do a shellac manicure. Indeed, unlike manicure, hand skin care requires more regularity. It's not enough to put cream on your hands once a week. Moisturizer should be applied daily. If the skin is dry, then several times a day. Plus, at least once a week, special masks for hands.

And there are also housewives who love crystal cleanliness. It is great if this purity is achieved not at the cost of the health of the skin of the hands. To do this, use rubber gloves while washing dishes. Best option — it is a combination of cotton gloves and rubber second layer. After all, rare skin responds well to rubber.

Manicure and well-groomed skin of the hands — it is not only beautiful, it is also pleasant for every woman.

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