Makeup mistakes that can make you look older

Makeup Mistakes That Can Age You

In the world of high technology, women know how to overcome premature aging. Deep peeling, all kinds of masks, moisturizing, proper nutrition, giving up bad habits, competent skin care and makeup, cutting and coloring hair – all this works wonders. Do not forget about your image, good mood and smile.

There are only a few nuances that can spoil all your efforts. So what mistakes should not be made with makeup in order not to look older than your years?

Mistake # 1 – a thick layer of foundation.

Makeup products should be chosen depending on your age. If, for example, one cream suited you at the age of 20, this does not mean at all that it should be used until the age of 50. Makeup artists advise instead of heavy toners to use moisturizing tonal products or even moisturizing creams with a toning effect. Such creams lay on the skin with a light layer, without creating a mask. At the same time, they effectively mask irregularities and problem areas of the skin. It is impossible for the foundation layer to be so thick that it would be impossible to see the skin behind its “wall”. Many women use a thick layer of foundation to try to mask the wrinkles on their face, but it doesn’t work out for them … Why? Have you ever noticed that the foundation is forgotten in the folds on the face, making even more emphasis on wrinkles. A thick layer of foundation turns your face into a mask, revealing wrinkles – a cracked mask on your face in the form of a foundation, it definitely does not look younger.

Mistake # 2 – too thick a layer of concealer under the eyes.

Every year, the skin under the eyes becomes thinner, a network appears in the form of wrinkles. In addition, the skin becomes much more mobile, the skin around the eyes changes its color – darkening and dulling. To avoid such imperfections, you need to lighten the skin around the eyes with a concealer (or corrector). Just do it carefully. Usually, correctors are produced in the form of pencils, which is not very convenient, because it is not easy to track the thickness of the layer. To prevent this from happening, after applying the pencil, blend it with a makeup brush in the eye area. If you do everything right, wrinkles will not stand out so much.

Mistake # 3 – a lot of powder.

This applies not only to older women, but also any others. Makeup artists advise to completely abandon the powder after 40 years. They also insist that only the nose and chin can be powdered, and in other places it can give the skin a dry and flaky appearance.

As you age, hydration should become your most important skin care routine. Moisturize your skin to minimize the appearance of wrinkles. Powder does not moisturize the skin – on the contrary, it absorbs excess fat, drying it out. Professionals say that after 40, the only time you may need powder is a photo shoot. Experts say that you should not be afraid of shiny skin, but you should be afraid of dry skin!

If you still can’t do without powder for now, use mineral, loose powders – just avoid the area around the eyes.

Mistake # 4 – blush under the cheekbones.

Blush on the cheeks focuses too much on sagging skin in these places. After 40 years, it is recommended to apply blush only on the most protruding upper part of the cheekbones, but not close to the center of the face. The best way to apply blush is from bottom to top. You also need to choose the color of blush wisely. If you are in doubt whether this blush is right for you, then you need to take a classic light pink shade. It is better not to use dark brown tones at all.

Mistake No. 5 – “floating” lipstick.

At 20 years old, floating lipstick even looks very cute and alluring , but for older women, such a defect gives you even more years than you really are. Your dry lips immediately begin to give out your age, adding several years at once. What to do??? Buy yourself a good lip liner. After you outline the lips with a pencil, do not forget to shade all the lips with it so that the lipstick stays on better.

Mistake #6 – Foundation is too light.

Too light foundation that is different from your real complexion brings out all your wrinkles. As we age, our skin tone becomes a shade or two darker than it was when we were young. Why is this happening? It's all about the classic age-related skin changes (pigment spots, capillaries, enlarged pores, etc.). Therefore, now you need to buy a darker foundation than when you were younger. If you want to make your skin lighter, use not foundation, but products with light-reflecting particles – they will help visually brighten your skin.

Mistake # 7 – a lot of mascara on the lower cilia.

Makeup artists generally do not recommend dyeing the lower eyelashes for women who are over 40 years old. Tinted lower lashes only bring out dark circles under the eyes more. But you can't not use mascara at all, as your faded lashes will give away your age.

Do not use too heavy mascara, because the eyelashes simply can not withstand the load and the mascara will begin to crumble.

If you want to visually enlarge your eyes, use a curling mascara or curling tongs – this effect will make you visually younger .

Mistake No. 8 – oily eyeliner on the lower eyelid.

Just like the mistake with ink. Makeup artists generally advise to abandon the eyeliner of the lower eyelashes. Focus on the upper eyelid – it is better that the line is not the same, but thickens towards the outer corner of the eye. This is necessary so that others do not notice the sagging lines of your eyes, and such a technique will visually raise this line.

Mistake # 8 – bright colors of lipstick.

Now your lipstick colors should be as close to natural shades as possible. Avoid bright, metallic and dark shades. As you age, your lips deflate and lose their volume, so it's up to you to get it back. Many ladies forget that bright lipstick is recommended only for those who have beautiful and even teeth, otherwise all the flaws of the teeth will be visible (but I cannot but admit that cold red lipstick makes teeth whiter). Light colored lipstick gives volume to the lips. Remember also that lip glosses will also work on your lips (plus, they moisturize your lips). Find your own shine, even if it is with an additional effect.

Mistake # 9 – shiny shadows in the corners of the outer eyelid.

Shimmery and A slightly radiant make-up gives a youthful look to older women, because the sparkles take attention away from wrinkles, and your look takes on a glow and youthful sharpness. Just keep in mind that the shadows with sparkles on the outer corners of the eyes will draw attention to wrinkles. To prevent this, use pearlescent or shiny shadows, but only on the inner corners of the eyes.




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