Laser hair removal: pros, contraindications and choice of venue

Laser hair removal: arguments &laquo ;for», contraindications and choice of venue

Summer — this is the time when many beautiful girls in short dresses with bare shoulders and arms walk the streets of the city. On the beach you can see numerous slender beauties with toned figures in stylish swimsuits.

But sometimes, looking closely or stopping the eyes on the legs of sunbathing girls, you can see dark and coarse hairs that began to grow after epilation or shaving. Or, on the street, a girl raises her hand, and dark hair is found under her arm, the sight of which instantly returns the enjoyer from a dream to reality.

The problem of vegetation on the body of a woman

Every girl and woman faces the problem of ugly and unwanted vegetation on the body. But shaving your legs every day, waxing or using modern technology — This is a question that everyone answers differently. Alas, the first two options require constant effort due to the fragility of the results: hair appears again and again. But, let's say, laser hair removal gives a long-term effect. More than two years after a competent series of procedures, you can forget about unwanted vegetation on the body.

Moscow Clinic «Arbat Estetik» offers state-of-the-art laser hair removal equipment. The novelty and quality of equipment — these are one of the most important characteristics when choosing a clinic for this kind of hair removal. Why? Because there are several types of laser hair removal devices, among which there are unsuitable for blond hair or for the procedure on tanned skin. The latter is especially true if the idea to do laser hair removal came at the end of summer. It is better to choose a clinic with good equipment than to hide your feet from the sun all summer.

Laser hair removal: pros, contraindications and choice of location

Another important point in favor of choosing new and high-quality equipment — is the pain of the procedure. Older devices cause significant pain to a woman, especially when epilating sensitive areas. Modern devices cause only minor discomfort, a slight burning sensation, but not painful sensations. And this is another argument in favor of having a laser hair removal procedure in a cosmetic clinic, and not in a beauty salon.

How does the hair removal procedure work

The procedure must be carried out by a specially trained doctor. He must also find out if a woman has any contraindications for laser hair removal. After all, there are absolute contraindications, in which the harm from a rather harmless type of hair removal for a woman's health is enormous. These are oncological diseases, diabetes mellitus, varicose veins, hormonal disorders. There are also relative contraindications for laser hair removal. Their absence should be clarified by the doctor before the start of a series of procedures.

In cosmetology clinics, visitors with a low pain threshold may be offered an anesthetic ointment that reduces discomfort during laser hair removal. Girls who are aware of their high sensitivity should find out in advance about the availability of such products in the clinic.

Laser hair removal — this is far from a cheap procedure, especially requiring several repetitions. But in the absence of contraindications, the right choice of clinic and doctor, this is a great way to get rid of unwanted hair for a long time.

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