Instead of extensions: 6 ways to grow luxurious eyelashes

Instead of Extensions: 6 Ways to Grow Luxurious Lashes

Nature gave someone long and lush eyelashes, others, unfortunately, with this cannot boast of wealth. But extensions are far from the only way to change the length of cilia, experts are sure that with proper care, you can make eyelashes grow and become thicker.

It all starts with nutrition

Like everything in our body, the health of eyelashes largely depends on what we eat. For 96%, they consist of keratin, and with a lack of this protein, they become thinner and brittle. To influence the growth of eyelashes, start eating foods rich in keratin – meat, fish, turkey and chicken, cheese, olive oil.

Protein is absorbed faster when eaten with acidic fruits, such as pouring lemon over fish.

Lash brushing

After a shower, the cilia are saturated with water, droplets of care products may remain on them, which make the hairs heavier and make them brittle. Therefore, get a special brush (a new toothbrush or a well-washed one from a mascara bottle will do) and brush your eyelashes with it after showering and washing, let them dry separated, not stuck together.

So the hairs get more oxygen and become stronger.

Castor oil

This product has a lot of fans and haters, but one thing is for sure – the oil really helps grow lashes. Apply it a couple of hours before bedtime on cleansed hairs to notice the result in a month.

Choose your serum

On There are dozens of options for eyelash growth serums on the market now. Some of them are pacifiers that will not harm, but will not help, others are much more dangerous, because they contain hormones: along with eyelashes, hair can begin to grow above the upper lip, on the cheeks.

To quickly grow eyelashes, choose non-hormonal serums containing squalane, bisabolol, hyaluronic acid or its derivatives, peptides and vitamins.

Take biotin

This soluble B vitamin affects the growth of hair, nails and eyelashes. Taking it in courses, you will notice that the cilia have become thicker, more voluminous and longer. /p>

Macara dries out lashes, and improperly removing makeup can make them brittle and cause them to fall out. Do not wash your eyes with aggressive products.

Makeup artists consider micellar water to be ideal for cleansing cilia. It is applied to a cotton pad and applied to the eyes for 30-45 seconds, allowing the product to dissolve the cosmetics. Then the mascara is washed with stroking movements from top to bottom and washed with water.

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