Injection cosmetology VS hardware: can one replace the other

Injection cosmetology VS hardware: can one replace the other

Today, there are a large number of minimally invasive rejuvenation techniques. First of all, these are various injection techniques: plasmolifting, biorevitalization, mesotherapy, etc. In addition, patients are increasingly interested in hardware rejuvenation techniques – laser skin resurfacing, focused ultrasound, radiofrequency lifting. Each of these techniques has its own indications and brings a certain effect.

Injection cosmetology and hardware rejuvenation are two completely different areas of rejuvenation. Among the injection methods, on the one hand, procedures that improve the quality of the skin and allow solving a variety of problems, for example, combat dryness or, conversely, excessive sebum secretion (plasmolifting, mesotherapy), improve lymphatic drainage, and allow you to get rid of excess subcutaneous tissue, can be put in the first place today. (mesotherapy), improving the quality of the skin, deeply moisturizing (biorevitalization, bioreparation, mesotherapy).

On the other hand, injection techniques are also used for contouring. First of all, this is volumization, correction of facial contours with the help of fillers based on hyaluronic acid or collagen stimulating drugs.

Hardware methods solve completely different problems. A place of honor among the hardware techniques can be put on those that allow you to work with large volumes of subcutaneous fat packs in protocols for combating ptosis. One such technique is focused ultrasound. This procedure allows you to redistribute fat packages, tighten the skin, gives a lasting result of rejuvenation, fights with subcutaneous fat. No less effective is needle radio wave lifting. Its tasks include reducing the skin flap, tightening the skin, reducing pores, improving skin quality.

In addition, there is such a technique as photorejuvenation – it is primarily aimed at combating pigmentation. Vascular lasers help to cope with dilated capillaries, which create a not very pleasant appearance on the skin.

From this it becomes clear that it is not necessary to compare hardware treatment with injection methods, since they set themselves different goals. At the same time, they can intersect in achieving certain goals. But some things are mutually exclusive. When, for example, we inject a volume of hyaluronic acid into any area of ​​the face and after some not very long time resort to a hardware technique, this can lead to the resorption of hyaluronic acid. Therefore, the algorithms for applying these techniques should be correct, and the treatment should be combined: first, hardware techniques are applied and only then they can be supplemented with injection procedures that will complement rejuvenation, adding volume where necessary, smoothing fine wrinkles, creating a lifting effect, improving skin texture.

Of course, when resorting to cosmetology, it is necessary to understand that any technique should be carried out according to indications. The specialist must take into account the patient's age, excess skin and fatty tissue, since in some cases cosmetology may be powerless and surgical treatment is necessary.

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