How to permanently remove hair – consider a few examples

How to permanently remove hair — let's look at a few examples

Hair removal can be considered a fashion statement. But this is not quite the right approach. In addition to the aesthetic function, there is also a hygienic one. The fact is that hair tends to accumulate bacteria on itself. Even washing with soap does not help to get rid of them completely. That is why people have always sought to find ways to how to permanently remove hair.

However, in the middle of the 20th century, there was a tendency to preserve its naturalness. The hippie movement contributed to the spread of the idea that any interference with what was created by nature can only do harm. By the end of the century, fashion made a sharp turn towards hair removal.

The problem of excess hair on the body faced women in ancient times. Of course, they were not guided by hygienic considerations. The aesthetics of antiquity required only that hair careon the head. On all other parts of the body, they must be removed. Methods for this could be used the most sophisticated. So, for example, Slavic girls collected poisonous herbs and prepared a decoction from them.

This was extremely dangerous and could lead to poisoning. The proportion of the decoction was as follows: 1 glass of poisonous herbs was poured with 1 glass of boiling water. The resulting decoction had to wash the body for several weeks. As a result, the hair follicle dies and the hair stops growing forever. Another method involved the use of arsenic. It was mixed with aloe juice. To achieve the best effect, the ashes of burnt grape stems were added to the mixture.

In Persia, the method of removing unwanted vegetation with silk thread was common. This is a very painful but effective procedure. It was believed that the girl who underwent this procedure for the first time became a woman. This method is still used in some countries of the East. The easiest and most painless method can be considered in which soap shavings are mixed with ashes. It is believed that if you wash your body long enough with this mixture, the hairline on the body will completely disappear.

Before using this or that method, you should think several times. Better to consult a doctor. Among all the methods presented above, there are quite dangerous, leading to serious consequences. They were invented in those distant times when medicine and cosmetology were at a fairly low level.

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