How to hide the effects of a sleepless night in 20 minutes: 5 simple makeup artist tips

How to hide the effects of a sleepless night in 20 minutes: 5 simple makeup artist tips

There can be dozens of pleasant and not so pleasant reasons for a sleepless night, but the consequences are always similar – red eyes, dark circles, dull skin color. You don't want to go out like this, so makeup artists offer several ways to help you look much fresher.

Preparing the Skin

Even the best makeup won't look good on unprepared skin. From lack of sleep, the face looks dull and needs active hydration. At the same time, aggressive procedures should be avoided after a sleepless night so as not to injure the skin. Skip scrubs and peels, but go for a cooling sheet mask.

Stick patches under the eyes, they will become more effective if you first hold the jar in the refrigerator. After the mask, use a caffeine serum, it will make the skin look much better.

Get rid of beauty

Sometimes, after a sleepless night, the pores on the face look enlarged, and redness appears around the nose, cheeks and chin. To hide them, use three beauty products:

  • After the cream dries, apply a light make-up base to your face. Opt for products with a radiant effect, they will cover the pores and make the skin look healthy, like you spent a few days in the spa.
  • Apply foundation: to avoid irritating the skin, ditch heavy and thick products in favor of BB creams . Blend the product with a sponge – this way you will make an additional massage and get rid of swelling.
  • Apply concealer to the outer and inner corners of the eyes, on the wings of the nose and rashes, lightly blending it with your fingers. Do not choose too light shades, give preference to warm, peach tones. They are great for covering bruises under the eyes.

The right shade of blush

Blush is a universal product in makeup: they can correct the oval of the face, visually rejuvenate, hide swelling and signs of lack of sleep. After a sleepless night, choose creamy products with a satin finish. Cool pink is the ideal shade: it is very refreshing.

Apply blush to the highest point of the cheekbone and blend towards the temples, this will hide the swelling and paleness from fatigue.

Clean lines and pastel shades

Now it's time to refresh your eyes: usually, after a sleepless night, the eyes look dry and tired. To hide this, apply a brown or gray eye shadow on the upper and lower eyelids, blend them well.

Avoid sharp lines and borders, so eyeliner leave it for another occasion. On the mucosa, you can apply a peach, pale pink or pearl pencil, this will refresh the look.

Eyebrows and eyelashes should be quite bright: black mascara and paint over the hairs in several layers.

A little glitter

Plump lips speak of youth and health, so after a lack of sleep it is important not to emphasize peeling on them. Instead of matte lipstick in dark or bright shades, choose a light peach gloss, apply it without using a pencil. it will moisturize the lips and give them a healthy color.

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