How to choose the right hair shampoo?

How to choose the right hair shampoo?

No balms and masks will do their job if you use the wrong shampoo. The main purpose of — cleanse the scalp and strands of dirt and grease. But to achieve a good result without harm to health and appearance, you can only choose a hair shampoo that meets the needs of your curls.

Quiz: what type of hair do you have?

The first rule for choosing a shampoo — take into account what kind of strands you have. Don't know how to answer? Use our short questionnaire:

  • Do you have normal hairif you agree with most of the following statements: your curls need to be cleansed no more than 2-3 times a week; they differ in moderate volume, practically do not electrify; the ends are sometimes split.
  • You have an oily hair type if you agree with most of the following statements: your strands lose their freshness and become oily the very next day after washing; they are easy to style, almost do not electrify and do not split. No volume.
  • You have dry locks if you agree with most of the following statements: your hair needs to be cleansed no more than 1-2 times a week; curls quickly lose their luster, often become electrified, and are difficult to style; split ends.
  • You are a mixed type if you agree with most of the following: your hair is oily at the roots and dry at the ends; you find it difficult to find shampoo — the tips are constantly dry and split, and the roots are quickly contaminated.

How to choose the right hair shampoo?

2 main shampoo categories

Conventionally, all shampoos can be divided into two large categories: classic and caring. The first are designed exclusively for effective cleansing. Second — caregivers — not only cleanse, but also solve certain problems: hair loss, dandruff, lack of density, etc.

Separate category — sulfate-free products for sensitive scalp. Manufacturers promise to reduce itching and comfort after using them.

How to choose a shampoo: recommendations

First of all, start from your hair type:

  • For normal strands. A pH 5.5 to 7 product that gently cleanses scalp and hair.
  • For oily hair. Pay attention to the products, which contain components to effectively cleanse the roots and maintain optimal balance of the scalp. It can be clay, plant extracts (nettle, sage, etc.).
  • For dry strands. Cleansing cosmetics with moisturizing and nourishing ingredients (e.g. oils).
  • For mixed type. Best option — use the product for oily curls and the product for dry strands alternately.

How to choose the right hair shampoo?

Your hair type may change!Once and for all, it is not always possible to determine what kind of curls you have. A whole list of internal and external factors daily affects the condition of the scalp and strands. Hormones, health problems, ecology, frequent use of paints, hair dryer and ironing — this is just a small part of what can turn your curls, for example, from normal to dry or from normal to oily.

Summing up: compiling a list of questions

So, to buy the right cosmetics, I need to answer a number of questions:

  • Does this product suit my strands?
  • Does this product solve the problems I set for it?
  • Does it does the product with its functions?
  • How safe and high-quality are the presented cosmetics?

Pay attention not only to the type and cost of the shampoo, but also to its compound. You can protect yourself only by purchasing funds from trusted brands with a long-term reputation. Such companies value their customers, so they care about the quality of ingredients and are responsible for the result.

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