How to choose overhead strands?

How to choose the right overlays?

Experimenting with hair is a favorite pastime of all girls. To make curly hair out of straight hair and vice versa, to lighten dark ones or dye light ones black – what we don’t go for when we want to radically change our image. Clip-in hair will be a great option for those women who want to reincarnate daily and not depend on the growth rate of their hair. For the transformation to be successful, you need to choose the right accessory.

The secrets of choosing strands on hairpins

First you need to decide on the length of the strands. If you are planning on adding volume to your hair, then the extensions should be about the same length as your own hair. The image of a long-haired beauty is created using strands of greater length. For ladies of medium height, hair that covers the shoulder blades is about 40 cm long, and reaching the waist is 60 cm.

How to choose the right overhead strands?

Focus on these numbers and you will be able to find the right length for yourself.

The shade of the strands that you see in the photo in the catalog may differ by half a tone from its natural color. Color rendering is affected by factors such as your monitor settings, lighting conditions in the studio where the photo was taken, and even by the color rendering capabilities of the camera. If you are planning to radically change your image and make a hairstyle in a new style that differs in color from your own hair, consult with the managers of the online store where you want to buy strands – they will help you with the choice.

Please note that hair clips are made from natural hair, so you need to take care of them just like you would your own hair. The strands can be washed with shampoo, combed, dried with a hairdryer, wound on a curling iron (up to 170 degrees) and curlers, styled with gels or varnishes. You can even dye the extensions a different color using hair dyes.

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