How are teeth and human nature related?

How teeth and human character are related

What scientists don't come up with to surprise ordinary people. And now they have found a connection between our teeth and our character. It would seem – where is the connection here, because we cannot influence our teeth (they grow as they want, and only then you can contact the dentist to fix our smile for us). You might think that our character changes with our teeth, or does it not? Whether this is true or not, judge for yourself by observing your teeth and your character.

So, let's start matching:

1. Large incisors – the owners of such teeth are very sociable, talkative, love flattery, strive to be the first everywhere. Such people always want to be in the spotlight, they strive to grab everything at once, they love money and power. They can trust few people, only the most faithful and devoted friends. If you are friends with a person who has large incisors, you can be calm – they will not betray, they will always come to the rescue in any situation.

2. Small teeth – if you have such teeth, then you are a cunning person who is prone to adventures and adventures. Scientists believe that such people always achieve their goal, whatever it may be. In addition, these people are very unusual and talented.

3. Characteristically pronounced protruding fangs – if you have such fangs, then you are a very sexy, charming and attractive girl who has a crowd of admirers. You always achieve your goal, and do this in such a way that no one will notice the trick and deceit on your part.

4. A large gap between the upper front teeth is a sign of great energy and unpredictability. But your unpredictability and desire to shock often leads to misunderstanding on the part of others, which often causes conflicts and disputes.

5. Long upper incisors – your desire to joke often turns into incomprehensible “black humor”, and your desire to save money is greed. Such people can become good family men, and in the company they can joke (as they think) merrily, although sometimes they do it really funny.

6. Crooked teeth are an indicator of good intuition, cunning, talent to get out of the most difficult situations. Such people have good connections, which often come in handy in life. But, if suddenly something doesn’t work out for such people, they can do such things that “the whole world will need to clear up”. There are quite a lot of loving people among the crooked teeth.

7. Beautiful straight teeth is an indicator that a person takes care of his teeth and often visits the dentist. But if you got your straight teeth from nature, this is a great happiness. The owners of such teeth value fidelity in relationships, do not tolerate deceit, love order and respect traditions. Their luck is not related to the saying “fools are lucky.” Their luck is associated with diligence, a serious attitude to everything and responsibility.

8. Spoiled and rotten teeth – they say that their mistress (or owner) should go to the dentist. In addition, such teeth speak of irresponsibility, laziness, resourcefulness, if you are too lazy to go to the doctor, then you are too lazy to do anything at all, right? If you have such teeth, immediately consult a dentist, review your diet, start caring for your teeth, after all. People with such teeth have a completely negative attitude from others, so they are also not very lucky with work.

Whatever your teeth are, do not forget to watch them so as not to end up without teeth at all. As folk wisdom says: “The one who has 32 (or 28 without four wisdom teeth) healthy teeth laughs well!”

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