Hair dye: what you need to know

Hair dye: what you need must know

Women love and know how to change. Hair color change – the easiest way to such changes, so women most often resort to this means to change their image. Fortunately, there is a large selection of different colors.

But how to choose the right paint?

First of all, you need to decide what color you want and learn how achieve the desired result. Because in this — the main difficulty in coloring. The fact is that the same paint on different hair will look different, even if the original color is the same. A professional can more or less accurately guess the result, but if you paint at home, then you can find out everything only on your own experience.

Another question that always worries women: is it possible to dye your hair without damaging it? It depends on what result you expect from staining. If your task is – give a shade, then it is possible. You just need to use natural paints that our grandmothers and great-great-grandmothers used: henna and basma. In addition, these natural dyes contain components that, according to scientists, even heal hair.

Minimal damage is caused by various tint products, such as balms and shampoos. But, firstly, with the help of these funds it is impossible to lighten, and, secondly, they are very unstable, they are washed off after five to eight times. In addition, they do not paint over gray hair well. For a lasting color and a cardinal change, you need hair dye. But it can also be resistant and semi-resistant.

Persistent paints, in turn, are also different. There are permanent paints that contain such harmful ingredients as hydrogen peroxide, which bleaches the hair and removes natural pigment from them, and ammonia, which helps the color to penetrate into the structure. And semi-permanent, in which there is no hydrogen peroxide, and instead of ammonia, ammonia salts are contained. And although they are less harmful, they are less resistant.

If you want to achieve a lasting color or lighten your hair (the latter cannot be done at all without hydrogen peroxide), then you need to choose permanent paint. But we recommend that it be a cream paint, because. it contains a minimum percentage of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. And besides, there are various additives that mitigate the damage.

Semi-permanent paints also do not contain hydrogen peroxide, and ammonia contains only 3%. As a result, the structure is not damaged, but they cannot radically change the color. The action of such paints is similar to tinting agents, although their durability is higher.

So, for a radical change in the image, choose resistant paint. But it is desirable that the peroxide content in it does not exceed 6-9% and various natural ingredients and vegetable oils are included.

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