Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

Give me two! many

One can only dream of Hawaii and other exotic resorts this summer. But there is a way to at least please your skin with beauty products inspired by Hawaiian nature. Sesderma's Sesmahal skin care line has it all. Sesmahal serums and liposomal spray-mists are created using nanotechnology and combine the power of innovative active ingredients with the traditions and beauty secrets of Polynesia. Did you know that according to the Hawaiian tradition, our skin is a reflection of the state of the soul? Beautiful and healthy skin, the inhabitants of this blessed land are sure, speaks of a balance between the body, mind and soul, which is achieved, among other things, through gratitude for life and the world around. The idea of ​​gratitude is contained in the name of the Sesmahal line: mahalo means “thank you” in Hawaiian.

Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

The Sesmahal line includes 4 sets, which consist of serum and liposomal mist spray and are aimed at solving different problems:

– Deep moisturizing – for all skin types

– Intensive regeneration – for sensitive skin

– Sebum control – for oily skin

– Correction of hyperpigmentation – for all skin types

Working as a duo, serum and spray provide more effective skin care. Serum with active ingredients in free form works in the upper layers of the skin and gives an instant effect. Spray-mist thanks to encapsulated ingredients reaches the deep layers of the skin and maintains its beauty and health from the inside.

The basis of all products is hyaluronic acid of three molecular weights. Hyaluronic acid with a high molecular weight instantly moisturizes the surface of the skin, with a low molecular weight it creates a moisturizing protective layer, hydrolyzed hyaluronic acid creates the effect of filling wrinkles, increases skin density and elasticity. Serums also contain graphene, which has a regenerating and antibacterial effect on the skin.

Originally from Korea

Over the 10 years of its existence, the Instiute Estelare brand has gained a lot of fans around the world. And not only because it comes from South Korea, but everything oriental in the field of beauty has recently been very popular. Simply, all cosmetics use the latest scientific developments in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine, combining them with the centuries-old heritage of Korean cosmetics traditions. The new MOLECULA series consists of creams and serums with a complex of blue plant concentrates, which has a regulating effect on the intra- and extracellular processes of the skin. Thanks to this complex, the natural mechanisms of renewal and rejuvenation are launched.

Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

On these hot summer days, Blue MoLecuLe Express Moisturizing Aqua Cream with a weightless texture that supports cellular respiration and Blue MoLecuLe Hyaluronic Aqua Express Moisturizing Face Serum, which saturates dehydrated skin with moisture, provides intense and long-lasting hydration for 24 hours, will definitely come in handy. .

A five for you!

The SKINOVAGE skin care system from the beloved brand BABOR has been updated this summer, to give more healthy glow to your skin (although it would seem). Now the line consists of 5 series, specially designed for different skin types and conditions:

● MOISTURIZING – for dry and dehydrated skin (5 products)

● CALMING – for sensitive skin (3 products)

● BALANCING – for combination skin (3 products)

● PURIFYING – for oily and problematic skin (3 products)

● VITALIZING – for tired skin with a lack of radiance (5 products)

    Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

    SKINOVAGE MOISTURIZING Series saturates the skin with intensely moisturizing ingredients and special lipids, thus strengthening the skin's natural protective barrier , “locking” moisture in the skin and maintaining its elasticity. The products of the series also protect the skin from oxidative stress and the premature aging associated with it.

    Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

    Products from the SKINOVAGE CALMING series soothe the skin, strengthen its immunity and soften reactivity. The main ingredient in all three products of the series is albatrellus mushroom extract. It is he who regulates the work of skin receptors responsible for sensitivity to pain, and thus helps to reduce the reactivity of the skin. This has an immediate calming effect and reduces irritation.

    Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

    The SKINOVAGE BALANCING series is specially designed for owners of combination skin. They know for sure that when the skin is dry in some areas and oily and enlarged pores in others, care becomes a challenge that requires a flexible approach. As a result, dry areas are intensely hydrated, moisture loss is reduced, and at the same time, sebum is reduced in oily areas.

    Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

    For problematic skin, the SKINOVAGE PURIFYING treatment system will help you get rid of inflammation and even out your tone. Natural mulberry bioflavonoids reduce sebum production, make it more liquid, which prevents clogging of pores and stimulates the natural exfoliation of the skin surface, maintains the natural protective barrier of the skin and its microbiome. Thanks to this, the number of inflammations is reduced, the skin tone becomes more even and noticeably more matte.

    Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

    Well, the SKINOVAGE series VITALIZING helps you say goodbye to dull skin tone. The combination of active ingredients such as ATP, algin (from algae) and papaya extract moisturizes and energizes the skin.

    In order not to get confused, the new concise packaging will easily tell you the right product: elegant white color is complemented by pastel shades, each of which corresponds to a separate series.

    Not blush!

    Blushing is not always a sign of health. Starting with a slight redness, a violation of blood microcirculation leads to persistent erythema and the appearance of a vascular pattern. Couperosis on the face requires treatment and special skin care.

    Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

    To improve vascular elasticity, relieve symptoms and prevent the development of pathology, this summer the professional care brand ARAVIA Professional introduced a new line of products for sensitive skin with couperose Couperose Control Tonic, which will help fight the problem.

    And catch a reminder, because of which rosacea may appear:

    • frequent visits to the bath or sauna;

    • alcohol abuse , smoking;

    • excessive addiction to caffeine and hot spices;

    • improper skin care;

    • stress;

    • aggressive external influence (hypothermia, sunburn).

    Endogenous (internal) causes of rosacea are:

    • genetic predisposition;

    • hormonal changes;

    • < li>

      malfunctions in the internal systems of the body.

    Catching trends

    The brand Art&Fact has launched a new line of cosmetics for facial skin care with kojic acid. Kojic acid is one of the trending ingredients in skin care cosmetics in recent years. An ingredient of natural origin that effectively fights pigmentation. It works great both on its own and in combination with other whitening ingredients, and also acts as an antioxidant. The brand has released a line that includes two whitening products – a cream and a mask, and soon a serum will be added to the range.

    Give me two! Beauty novelties, of which there are many at once

    A face cream designed specifically for evening skin care. Kojic acid in this product blocks the production of tyrosine, brightens post-acne marks and age spots, provides easy exfoliation of dead cells, and also has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects.

    And as part of a whitening masks, in addition to kojic acid, also have kaolin – white clay, it helps fight pigmentation, uneven tone and whitens all imperfections, and also eliminates all inflammation, cleanses the skin and saturates it with useful minerals.

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