Gel polish shellac – a new word in the beauty industry

Gel shellac lacquer – a new word in the beauty industry

Shellac gel polish is a new word in the beauty industry. While it is used only in the best beauty salons. Using it to cover your nails, manicure masters create the perfect nail art.

A hairdresser stylist is the master who will not only give you a wonderful hairstyle, but also help you create your own image, influencing your overall appearance. Therefore, the fair sex, visiting such specialists, can boast not only the perfect condition of the hair, but also excellent makeup and manicure.

In the best beauty salons, a great new shellac manicure has now appeared, which uses a special coating that resembles a cross between varnish and gel. It has no smell, and its composition includes elements that favorably affect the condition of the nails, which acquire strength and flexibility. Each layer is individually dried using an ultraviolet lamp, which allows it to be firmly fixed. Thanks to this, the nails look perfect for up to two weeks, which is why it is sometimes called a permanent manicure. Although Moscow began to use shellac coating relatively recently, there are more and more people who want to use it, because it retains its bright shine and richness of color longer than other manicure products. Its only drawback is that shellac is removed only with acetone or a liquid designed to remove acrylic lacquer.

It was developed by CND specialists, has been tested and is now considered the best symbiosis in the field of nail extension, correction and modeling. It does not cause allergic reactions, it is applied with a regular brush, and the nail plate does not need to be filed before. The coating dries in a couple of minutes, so clients of beauty salons do not spend much time on a manicure.

In the salon, hairdresser stylist Alexander will select one of twelve shades of shellac gel polish for you. Depending on the look you want to create, it can be a rich red or chocolate, or a nude or pearl tone. Depending on the chosen style, you can look as natural as possible, turn into a vamp or create the perfect image of a business woman.

Another important point — unlike ordinary varnish, shellac does not have scratches that can spoil the impression of a decorative coating. Natural nails will not be damaged, and the break in wearing gel nails will be a thing of the past. You won't have to spend hours on a manicure, and your nails will always look healthy and well-groomed.

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