Fashion mono: how to do makeup with just blush

Modern mono: how to make makeup with just blush

The blush is refreshing. But! only if you choose the right color. Pink with a cold undertone suits almost everyone. Reddish – owners of fair skin. and peach and terracotta look good on a swarthy or slightly tanned. By the way, these shades can also be applied on the cheekbones, back and tip of the nose for the effect of “kiss of the sun.”

Dry blush can only be applied correctly with a special wide brush. Blend thoroughly so that there are no borders of application. In this sense, cream and gel products are much easier to use. Therefore, we advise you to take them on vacation. You can apply these textures directly with your fingers. Warmed by the warmth of the skin, this blush literally merges with the skin. In addition, they can tint lips or even apply on the eyelids. Blush-colored shadows are the current trend of this summer. You can, inspired by the make-up from the Valentino and Kenzo shows, draw a line of blush from the eyelids up (to the area above the eyebrow) and down the cheekbone.

Modern mono: how to do makeup with just blush

Are you ready for such experiments? Then just add some pink blush to the center of your cheeks. It always looks relevant.

With the help of blush, you can achieve a lifting effect and make your face visually thinner. To do this, blend the product along the upper part of the cheekbones with diagonal lines that tend upward from the center of the face to the periphery.

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