Eyes do not mind: how to properly care for the sensitive area

Eyes don't mind: how properly care for the sensitive area

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and delicate. It is about 4-5 times thinner than on the face, besides it is very prone to stretching. And in this zone there is practically no fat layer that performs the function of a frame support, and there are very few sebaceous glands, which leads to dryness and early formation of wrinkles.

In a word, you understand: this zone requires special attention. We adopt a few elementary rules of care, and remember: you must adhere to them constantly, and not occasionally!


Up to about thirty years, only moisturizing is enough to care for the skin around the eyes. But this point cannot be missed. Even at 18-20 years old, the skin of the eyelids needs additional moisture. Moreover, all year round: after all, in summer it is exposed to the sun and heat, and in winter it must be protected from drying indoor air and sudden changes in temperature.

Eyes do not mind: how to properly care for the sensitive area

For daily care, light moisturizing gels and creams with hyaluronic acid are best suited. Yes, Moisturizing eye cream from MIXIT replenishes the necessary level of moisture, helps to make the skin around the eyes firmer and more elastic, protects it from environmental influences. The light texture of the product is quickly absorbed, gives a feeling of comfort throughout the day. Light-reflecting particles visually smooth the skin, give it a fresh and rested look. Vegetable squalane in the cream normalizes the hydro-lipid balance, increases elasticity and water-holding capacity, strengthens the lipid layer, skin barrier functions, and hyaluronic acid provides the skin with the necessary moisture both on the surface and in the deep layers of the dermis, and also maintains the hydro-lipid balance.

Erasing wrinkles

From about 30-35 years old, it is worth adding nourishing and regenerating products to daily care, which will accelerate cell renewal and supply the skin with the substances it needs. By the age of thirty, age-related changes begin in the tissues, the proteins collagen and elastin, which are responsible for the elasticity, elasticity and strength of the skin, are no longer restored so well. At this age, many people notice the first wrinkles around the eyes, excessive swelling of the eyelids after sleep, the periodic appearance of dark circles.

Eyes do not mind: how to properly care for the sensitive area

Revitalift Eye Serum Filler 2.5% [Hyaluronic Acid + Caffeine] contains 1.5% concentration of pure hyaluronic acid and pure caffeine (1%), as well as a combination of effective ingredients (niacinamide and vitamin CG). This remedy reduces dark circles under the eyes and fills all types of wrinkles. In addition, the serum reduces the appearance of wrinkles under the eyes and visibly moisturizes the skin.

The action of the formula is complemented by a triple roller applicator with a cooling effect. Inspired by the traditional Japanese shiatsu massage technique, this revolutionary L'Oreal Paris applicator targets 6 acupuncture points around the eyes. Through massage movements with the hands, metal balls rotating at different angles apply light pressure and thus provide a draining and stimulating effect in this sensitive area.

The applicator balls are made of stainless steel. They instantly give a feeling of freshness upon contact with the skin and help to perform a light decongestant massage. With the help of the applicator, you can remove puffiness, re-energize the tired skin around the eyes and at the same time enjoy using it.

Against dark circles

Important! Often the question arises: is it possible to apply face cream on the eyelids, and is the separation of products “for the eyelids” and “for the face” just a publicity stunt? In reality, there are differences between these products – and considerable ones. Eye creams do not contain components that can irritate the mucous membrane of the eye or act too aggressively on thin skin. They should not spread and get into the eyes, should not contain AHA acids or a high percentage of retinol. Such funds are preliminarily approved by ophthalmologists.

Even at a young age, we can be overcome by such a common problem as dark circles and swelling under the eyes. To begin with, it is worth finding out if this is associated with chronic diseases. It can be inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, problems with the gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular diseases. In this case, of course, it is worth treating the cause, and not fighting the effect.

But sometimes the cause of dark circles and permanent swelling can be banal lack of sleep, stress, or prolonged work at the computer. Then you need to choose the right skin care products around the eyes. Look for creams, gels and serums that contain vitamins C and K, extracts of melilito, ginkgo biloba, horse chestnut. Or not so common, but no less effective ingredients.

For example, hemp oil products can be a real find. Usually, the word “hemp” is followed by chuckles, but any cosmetologist will tell you: hemp oil is a storehouse of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids essential for the skin. They are needed for the construction of new cells, but – alas! – are not produced by the body itself. And hemp oil and extracts supply skin cells with 4 beauty vitamins at once – A, B, C, E – as well as amino acids, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, iron and fiber. It is not surprising that last year it was hemp oil that literally all beautyholics and glossy magazines called “the main beauty trend”, and “hemp” products immediately became bestsellers.

Eyes do not mind: how to properly care for sensitive zone

Many beautyholics have long appreciated the Russian brand 1753 cosmetics, all cosmetics of which contain hemp oil. Not so long ago, 1753 cosmetics just released a great new product – Hemp eye gelHelps eliminate puffiness and dark circles around the eyes. Cold-pressed hemp oil perfectly nourishes and moisturizes the skin, improves its firmness and elasticity, brightens pigmentation and neutralizes negative environmental factors. The texture of the cream is light, quickly absorbed, does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes and does not provoke the appearance of puffiness. This gel is great for wrinkles too. But if you need a more powerful anti-age product for the area around the eyes, then 1753 cosmetics has such a novelty.

Eyes do not mind: how to properly care for sensitive area

Anti-age eye cream helps to smooth wrinkles, intensive nutrition and improve tissue regeneration, rejuvenation and renewal of the skin, even out tone. Delicate silky texture is quickly absorbed, leaving no stickiness and oily sheen and does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes.


About the fact that decorative cosmetics at the end of the day must be removed without fail, I think it’s not worth reminding. However, in the matter of purification, some subtleties are needed. So, when removing makeup, it is better to refuse gels or foams, since the surfactants and other cleansing components that they contain can greatly irritate the mucous membrane of the eyes. It is necessary to use special make-up removers in the eyelid area, which effectively remove any cosmetics, while not causing allergies and redness.

Eyes do not mind: how to properly care for sensitive area

For example, 2-Phase Makeup Remover by La Messangeremoves even waterproof make-up and at the same time does not contain oils. Before use, the bottle must be thoroughly shaken to obtain a homogeneous mass with bubbles. After that, you can apply funds on a cotton pad and remove mascara-shadow-eyeliner.

Just remember: in order not to injure the delicate skin around the eyes, make-up removal in this area must be carried out strictly according to the rules. First dissolve the makeup. To do this, simply put a cotton pad with a cleanser on your closed eyes and count up to 30. After that, you can remove makeup by following the massage lines. Upper eyelid – in the direction from the inner edge to the outer, lower eyelid – in the direction from the outer edge to the inner. Otherwise, soon you will begin to notice wrinkles in yourself, and then creases.

Active care

Masks for the skin around the eyes work quickly and effectively. If you need to tighten the skin, remove puffiness of the eyelids, get rid of fine wrinkles and dark circles, then there is no better remedy. Or, if time is running out, then patches will help you – a real hit of the last time. But we are ready to argue that not all advanced beautyholics are aware that patches are also reusable. But this is the absolute bestseller of the Russian brand SmoRodina.

Eyes do not mind: how to properly care for the sensitive area

Let's start with that Refreshing patches by SmoRodina– It is very environmentally friendly and practical. Unlike hydrogel patches, which were considered the most environmentally friendly option, zero-waste is not disposable. The use of the product is very simple: you apply the gel on the cutouts, put it on the area around the eyes, and then simply wash off the gel from the patches and dry the cutouts on a special panel right on the case in which the patches are sold.

Add to the number of pluses the unique composition of the patches, thanks to which a number of problems with the sensitive area around the eyes are solved. They reduce swelling of the skin around the eyes and dark circles, make the look rested. Caffeine has a draining effect, relieves puffiness and signs of fatigue. Green tea extract soothes the skin. The OxygeSkin active smoothes the microrelief of the skin, giving it a healthy glow.

And finally, let's not forget that these patches are also a unique gift. They are sold in a beautiful gift box containing two pairs of reusable hemp clippings in the form of patches in an aluminum case and an eye gel serum.
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